The AI Creativity Shift


Creative decision-making has been known to be linked with creativity. Brands in the past have employed creative and digital marketing agencies for this skill and have created campaigns and ideas that sent internet contributors buzzing. However, due to artificial intelligence and its many branches, brands are changing how they want things done. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has caused panic in industries worldwide, with countries employing its different branches to outperform the competition. AI has been a rapidly growing innovation, leaving researchers and scientists to find ways to employ it. Predictive algorithms and machine learning are teaching us something about human behavior every other day, helping brands make decisions that align with emerging trends. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

How Has Artificial Intelligence Impacted Creative Decision-Making?

Data collected by innovative AI programs are changing the creative decision-making arena into a systematic process. More brands want to create strategies and design campaigns around what data interpretations tell them. As the industry dictates, brands are investing in technological solutions for decision-making rather than basing their decisions on creativity. 

Because most companies want to make a profit, this method of consumer insights works perfectly in their favor. For instance, extensive research and statistics show consumer preference for non-plastic goods for packaging. This has also led brands preceding plastic bottles to provide a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. 

Data-Driven Creativity

Technological advancement and the rapid pace of data collection online have rarely afforded brands the luxury of time to develop purely creative campaigns. This urgency has created an objective creativity phenomenon, where creativity emerges from a place of uniformity. Brands now have access to similar kinds of data. The starting point of most creative decision-making processes has been set, thanks to AI. 

Companies and their strategies are now driven by data and what popular trends exist. Creative think tanks where teams sit down and put their heads together based on a crazy, disruptive idea for a brand from scratch seem to be a past technique. Technology has made the process of successful campaigns one step shorter.

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Evolution of Content Creators

Content creators will shortly move from solely writing and content creation to more decision-making roles based on the interpretation of data. Marketers often feel pressured when they need to roll out multiple campaigns quickly. For instance, within a typical year, brands have a combination of campaigns, starting with New Year’s Campaigns, Seasonal Campaigns, Product Launch Campaigns, Brand Awareness Campaigns, and more. 

Brands can depend on data-driven statistics to keep up with changing customer demands and competitor brands. Not only will this approach help managers reach more milestones, but it will also help them cut down multiple costs and save time. 

The Impact of Automation on Content Creation and Photography

An incredible amount of automation of processes means more content creators are entering markets. AI efforts can now create journalism content, forcing people entering the field to be open to an evolving industry in the future. Similarly, photography will no longer be perfected for four years of college education. 

The evolution of intelligent, professional cameras and smartphones has helped interested parties learn editing and photo enhancement with the click of a few buttons. Artificial intelligence reduces the time to complete redundant tasks, leaving more space for people to think even more creatively. As a result, what is considered a professional process today will just be a skill you can pick up tomorrow. CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

Harmony of AI and Human Creativity

However, the progress of AI is not to be mistaken for replacing human creativity. On the contrary, humans will have more time to spend being creative once the monotonous tasks have been reduced and outdated data collection and interpretation processes are replaced. With so many ways of measuring creative effects, creative decision-making will transform into science and no longer be about art.

What Is Next for Creative Decision-Making?

With monotonous tasks reduced, we can focus on creative ways of developing and executing campaigns. Artificial Intelligence and its rapid growth benefit companies by saving essential resources such as time, costs, and human resources from being devoted to tasks that can easily be carried out with the help of algorithms and machine learning. 

Changing times call for innovation and subsequent adaption to stay relevant. Technological changes are the silent helpers to take care of tedious tasks, so more important aspects of businesses can be worked on while saving valuable assets. 

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