Strategic Process Management

Strategic Process Management- Complete Controller

Process management and process optimization measures usually start with the customer. These can be external customers who buy the company’s products and services. However, they can also be internal customers, i.e., departments within the company that depend on the results of a process step for their work. Every process in the company must focus on the relevant customer. Process management focuses on the following process features.LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Process Management Features 

In process management, the focus revolves around various vital elements. The process customer, whether external or internal, relies on the results. The process output is the expected product tailored to customer specifications. Implementation involves a range of actions, such as processingcheckingplanning, and more.

Process input encompasses all resources essential for correct execution, spanning materials, energy, employees, and information. Lastly, the process supplier, internal or external, plays a crucial role in providing necessary inputs for the process. This comprehensive approach ensures a holistic understanding and management of organizational processes.

Visualize and Describe Processes

In process management, these process characteristics and the activities for process implementation are described, represented, and visualized in diagrams.

Process Management Applications

Since processes usually only work if operated and conducted for a while, they should not be permanently changed or optimized. Every process change is associated with far-reaching tasks and behavior changes in the process of employees. The following occasions can be to review and examine a process and, if necessary, to change it.

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Introduction of IT System or Automation

It is crucial when information technologies will support processes in the company or even replace employees. Only if the processes concerned are analyzed, described, and defined very precisely can they be translated into IT-supported processes. Methods are the basis for the technical support of the operations. They are also the specification of the requirements for technology and software.

Cost Reduction and Process Cost Accounting

When controlling and management determine that the costs in one area are exceedingly high. They are the basis for cost-saving programs. It is often about overhead in one place. They can increase and become opaque over the years because nobody knows the processes involved. Controllers then want to find out how to allocate the costs to those responsible better and correctly. You must look closely at your processes to know what a product or service costs or why it costs more than the competition.

Change Management

The general conditions for the company or individual specialist areas change repeatedly:

  • Customers have different requirements.
  • New products are developed and launched on the market, as are innovative technologies.
  • New legal conditions or companies apply.
  • Their areas are reorganized in organizational terms.

In each of these cases, you must check the processes and, if necessary, redesign them.

Anyone who then critically examines and changes his processes fundamentally intervenes in the life of a company. He must deal with organizational development and change management and all its obstacles and difficulties. It applies to the individual employees in the process. They must be qualified and align their activities and actions with the new strategies.

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Specific Responsibilities

Budgeting and forecasting

The process analysis and planning teams are rising, working on developing a rolling forecast. No matter whether this process is in parallel with the traditional budget or altogether as a replacement.

Decision support

It is process analysis and planning team report predictions and changes. Also, they use their research-based data to advise management on decision-making, such as boosting performance, minimizing perils, or getting new chances. The company and the external environment give all these suggestions.

Memorable projects

They include potential acquisition, purchase-side support, integration, process optimization (it boosts workflow efficiency), market research, and capital allocation.


In conclusion, effective process management and optimization begin with a customer-centric focus, whether external customers purchase products and services or internal departments rely on process outcomes. Critical elements in process management include the process customer, output, implementation actions, input resources, and the process supplier, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and management of organizational processes. Visualization and description of processes through diagrams are essential in process management applications.

Critical occasions for process review and potential changes include introducing IT systems or automation, cost reduction initiatives, and adjustments due to changes in external conditions. Change management becomes pivotal when addressing shifts in 
customer requirements, new product developments, legal situations, and organizational reorganization, requiring a careful examination and redesign of processes. Specific responsibilities, budgeting, forecasting, decision support, and managing memorable projects play crucial roles in improving and adapting processes to meet evolving business needs.

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