Social Media Marketing Tactics To Avoid

Social Media Marketing Tactics - Complete Controller

Beginnings are tough for start-ups, more so for start-ups trying to make their presence felt on social media platforms. While it is a fact that social marketing can help fast-track the growth of your start-up, damaging your online reputation is easy if you do not do it correctly. If you are trying to get your start-up company off the ground, one of the things you need to invest your time and money into, apart from developing an excellent service or product, is marketing.

If you plan to use social media to take your start-up to new heights, here are ten mistakes that you should avoid at all costs. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

Not having a plan

Social marketing is not about getting online and posting all you can about yourself and your start-up. Before you make your attendance felt online, it is imperious for you to have a social media strategic plan in place. Your social media efforts need to have a solid foundation and a strategic plan that outlines your objectives and details your services. Get in touch with your lead sales and marketing members and identify your target audience.

You are not devoted to the plan

If you do not dedicate yourself to your social marketing plan, your social media accounts will end up being inactive, which will, in turn, create a wrong impression. Your social marketing plan is not a sprint; think of it as a marathon. If the results are making you impatient, tweak your performance by analyzing metrics, adapting to audience behaviors, and tracking competition. LasPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Selecting random platforms

Given the rise in social media platforms, you might think it necessary to market your brand everywhere. Though, all social media platforms have a different purpose and a different set of users. Consequently, you will have to have a different social media marketing plan in place for each forum. The key to marketing effectively on social media platforms is outlining your target customers.

Being all over the place

As mentioned, all social media platforms have a different purpose and, as such, require other marketing plans. Being a start-up, you might not have the time and energy to develop appealing content for several platforms. Furthermore, you do not need to post on media that will not get your desired results.

Posting at inappropriate times

Simply knowing your target customers is not enough; you also need to know what time zones they live in and what time they are most active.

Posting too often

While not posting can be wrong for your business, posting too frequently can also be a deal-breaker. Get the balance right: posting something once or twice in a month can cause your brand to become invisible, and sharing a dozen posts a day is way too much. Find out what works for your brand and stick to it. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

Boring your audience

It is possible to bore your target audience without even knowing it, so be cautious of what you are constantly posting. Please talk with your spectators, get them engaged in a conversation, attract eyeballs, use humor, ask genuine questions, and give intelligent answers.


If you only talk about yourself and your company, people are bound to unfollow you. Instead of putting your start-up in the spotlight, focus on your target audience. Talk about things that interest your end-users, and you will end up engaging them in exciting conversations.

Giving users a reason to laugh

The worst thing you can do for your brand is give your target audience a reason to laugh at you. Avoid blunders by thinking about your posts and taking the time to analyze probable outcomes.

You do not understand your marketplace

Before you even spend your first dollar on creating an ad, you need to understand your marketplace first. Thoroughly analyze your customer demographics or buyer persona’s psychographics.


Social marketing mistakes have the potential to put a company out of business. As a start-up owner, you can never be too cautious about what you post online. So, put good thought into your social marketing plans and ensure you do not end up making the mistakes mentioned above.

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