Sober Living Homes Can Be the Best Option for Addiction Treatment

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Addiction is a terrible disease affecting the United States at crippling rates. People who suffer from addiction lead limited lives and struggle for sometimes years to get sober and live a life in recovery. The disease certainly does not discriminate, affecting every race, ethnicity, social class, gender, etc. Alcohol, drugs, and prescription medicine are all various avenues that can lead to addiction. The foundation of sober living houses is for individuals whose lives have been entirely controlled by this devastating disease.  These homes effectively offer excellent addiction treatment in a secluded environment. All patients achieve a better rate of discontinuing substance abuse. This kind of a living environment gives those in recovery ample time, support, and encouragement with self-realization and acceptance, among others, in recovery. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes are group homes for those recovering from addiction. Owned by various entities such as NGOs, charities, or individuals, these homes provide the necessary professional attention and pleasant atmosphere that helps patients with their overall wellbeing. As opposed to rehab centers, these homes offer a tranquil and long term home environment that promotes consistent and well-established support. Addicts living in sober living homes must behave by following the rules and regulations of the house while learning to, once again, be responsible for themselves. It is a fundamental part of their recovery. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Sober Living Homes Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations of a sober living home depend on its location and management. There are, however, some standard rules that exist across the board. The first and most important rule of a sober home is to stay dry while living there. Without this fundamental rule, the purpose disappears. Residents get exposed to proactive, recreational activities. They are encouraged to commit to working 12-step programs so that their minds are engaged and have long-term success. Sober living homes help eradicate the desire to relapse. Some residents even take part in the maintenance of the house. All residents are required to abide by time and all other disciplinary rules.

Residents of Sober Living Homes

Unlike halfway houses, sober homes do not have any restrictions. Anyone who applies may get placement. These homes are the next phase after undergoing a rehab program. Without successfully detoxing and renewing their will, sober homes would be deemed very ineffective and downright useless. The recovery of patients through such homes are prone to continue abstinence from drugs and alcohol altogether. Most sober living homes do not require patients or potential residents to have undergone rehab programs or addiction treatment programs before coming. It always helps patients regain control of their lives swiftly and thoroughly. Multiple studies show that those entering into sober living homes after going to rehab have a much higher success rate than those who go straight back to their previous lives.

Cost of Sober Living Homes

Again, depending on the location and management of the home, charges, rates, and prices vary. Most homes charge around what it would cost to rent a humble apartment in a good area. The payment by the member of the house, resident, or patient is every month. The expected rates can be anywhere between $400-$1000 per month. These charges keep sober living homes up and running, and all funds are vital for its operations. Halfway houses, on the other hand, are considerably cheaper but have fewer services offered. Residents at sober living homes receive mandatory programs to set them up to successfully kicking their habit, and professional attention is always present. However, they lack the intense therapy sessions that rehabs offer, which, in turn, provides a serene and ample atmosphere that helps the mind and body. Sober living homes offer the best environment for anyone with an addiction problem with effective treatment to safely rise above the addition and turn their heads away from it for good. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Knowing a loved one who is in this terrible condition can lead to hours of researching and understanding what can be done for them. Sober living homes provide care for loved ones with trust and confidence. Most of the homes have good results when it comes to comparing them with rehab programs alone. It is essential to know that these homes are only there to support. The rest of the patient’s path will be entirely due to their desire to heal and overcome. Above all, the love and support from any addiction treatment, along with the necessary encouragement from all around, will boost their efforts and successfully pull them out of this disease.


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