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The web has catered to many needs of the modern consumer. Be it shopping for apparel or ordering a pizza, the web has revolutionized the way markets and consumers think. While it has integrated so well into modern society, some precautions are needed to be taken in order to enjoy and reap the benefits of this blessing. The cyber world can be a dark place and one can easily fall prey to being a victim of privacy violations. Protect your privacy online by never giving out highly volatile and essential information like credit card details, cell numbers, and social security numbers, among many others.  These may be used against your will or, worse, in malicious activities.

Here are five simple ways to protect your privacy online to experience a more wholesome capacity of the World Wide Web without worrying about running into any bad situations.

1. Never Give Out Full Information

Protect your privacy online because you never know who’s watching your profile. Rest assured, there are various ways to hide or even go invisible on many social media websites. If you can do it, its only fair to think that there would be others using such features. Exposing oneself to the unknown may have consequences that would be compromising so taking precaution is always advised. Be careful about what information you put out there.  Be careful about presenting your phone number, address, etc. 

2. Social Security is Yours Alone

Some websites may ask for social security numbers, for instance, a doctor’s office. Or, when people get official looking emails that request them to share their number for so and so reason. Protect your privacy online and beware. Never ever give out social security numbers because the cyber domain is not always secure. Being present at an office of a doctor to schedule an appointment where they ask you for the number is acceptable, but online it is a definite and a huge “NO”!

3. Know your Computer When Issuing a Transaction

Whenever undergoing or issuing a transaction, use your own computer at home. When you know the hardware is secure and that none of your vital information is being shared, you are actually less exposed to threats. Protect your privacy online by using only trusted computers. Using internet cafes for financial transactions or passing of information can be compromised as the systems could have keyboard tap software that records each and every tap on the keyboard that is logged and stored in a remote location.

4. Use the Browser To Your Advantage

Surfing online is fun and all, but with the private browsing feature, it becomes traceless. If using a shared computer, using this tool is highly recommended. Also, protect your privacy online if you are worried about someone going through your email or other private stuff without you knowing.

5. Change Passwords

Changing all passwords at least fortnightly is strongly advised. Thus, chances of an account being compromised would be dim. Never click yes on the operating system asking you to save your password along with your username on the computer as this would allow anyone access simply by clicking on “OK”.  A secure way of coming up with a password is to use caps on the first letter, a digit, a symbol, and small letters. Protect your online privacy by always using a new password and avoid repeating it on different websites.

Following these five simple tips will help protect your online privacy to better allow you to enjoy the cyber world without concern of being compromised.

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