QuickBooks “Do It Yourself” Doesn’t Mean You Should

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QuickBooks is a software for accountants and for using in businesses to increase accounting efficiency. Accounting efficiency will lead to accurate and up to date financial statements. With software, bookkeeping is done with less time and energy. Accounting efficiency is greatly enhanced by using specific accounting software.

Benefits of Accounting Software

The introduction of accounting software was a blessing for traders. The amount of time saved, which was previously used in manual bookkeeping and accounting tasks, is very valuable. These software come with high prices but the benefits are worth their price. Any business owner/entrepreneur who wants to grow their business must rely on purchasing valuable accounting software.

Accounting software reduces time in bookkeping and promotes proficiency in a business accounting. With the passage of time, the softwares have become very advanced and secure. Giant firms require complicated features in their accounting software, while small and medium size businesses require less features in their accounting software.

Accounting software has special features to ensure up to date financial statements from all entities and ensure they are accurate.

One such software is QuickBooks. QuickBooks is designed for small to medium size firms and businesses.

Features of QuickBooks Accounting Software

There are so many important features in QuickBooks accounting software.

  1. An easy to use software.
  2. Customization in the software according to the work to be done.
  3. This software can share data with other applications like Microsoft.
  4. There is a feature of online payments in QuickBooks Software.
  5. QuickBooks allows its user to easily track the cash in and cash out data.
  6. Invoices can easily be made using this software. Detail of invoice activity can be checked.
  7. QuickBooks analysis and Report options make it easier to view important accounting statements and financial reports.

Limits of QuickBooks

Like any other software, QuickBooks was designed to enhance accounting efficiency in a business, not to replace the accountants. Any accounting software cannot completely replace an accountant whatever features it might use. The same is the case with QuickBooks accounting software. The QuickBooks promotional statement, ‘Do it Yourself’, does not mean that accounting can be done without the knowledge and experience of an accountant.

QuickBooks is just a tool to manage bookkeeping and accounting easily. It is a tool to be used in a business to eradicate errors in financial statements. It comes with features to ensure error free,multi-tasking accounting in a timely manner. Accounting software is used to keep the business ready for audits. But, these tools have to be used by real humans with knowledge and experience in accounting and bookkeeping.


As accountants work as consultants in developing accounting software, the accountants use these accounting software tools to save their time in computations.

QuickBooks can compute a tax amount, but the final judgement is in the hands of an accountant. An accountant can inform tax credits and tax deductions that can be availed.

Instead of using QuickBooks yourself, hire an accountant to do the job. Take your time as a business owner/entrepreneur to do more important tasks required for the growth of your business.

There are more sales, but profit isn’t increasing? Let the accountants do their job to take an objective look and point out where costs can be amended to surge profit margins. Investors need detailed, transparent, and accurate financial reports. QuickBooks can be used as a tool by the accountants to create such reports. An accountant can pad out the financial portion of a business plan to get funding from investors or loans from banks. 

Selling a part of your business needs an accountant’s consultation for the tax payments. Accountants will prepare and guide owners/entrepreneurs during the stressful time of audit.


QuickBooks is an essential and a brilliant software for small and medium size firms. It covers all of the features that are essential for running an accounting software, but a software cannot replace an experienced professional. Even small and medium size businesses need an accountant hired to operate QuickBooks accounting software. QuickBooks is merely a tool to manage bookkeeping and accounting statements in a timely and error free manner. The real decisions are made by real people.

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