How to Pick the Right POS System for your Retail Store

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The days of the analog cash register are over. In the Digital Age, tools exist to help streamline your life, and your POS system should be one of them. People don’t know what to look for when shopping for the right system for their business, much less the different options they have. Let’s talk about what steps you should take to make sure you choose the best POS system for your retail store.
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Think About What You Want Out of Your POS System

Before purchasing your new POS system, think about all of the parts of your business. Put yourself on the customer side, the employee side, and the management side to identify what processes create a successful transaction and what tools you need to fulfill that exchange. Think about your inventory, checkout process, customer profiles, and bookkeeping. If upgrading, make a list of features that are absent in your current POS or what issues you have had with it. The right POS system will make running your business more efficient, saving you time and money.


POS and Customer Service

You want your customers to get as much out of your POS system as you do. After all, your customers keep you open. Your POS should run seamlessly throughout the busiest of days, providing quick and efficient service. Some can even save credit card transactions when the internet fails, then run the card when the connection is back up. POS systems can save customer profiles, allowing shoppers to look up earlier purchases, saving the employees from having to look up specific items. POS systems can also be integrated with inventory lists, allowing employees to check items in stock from the storefront instead of having to dig through the back stock. Also, consider security options for your system, ensuring your customer information is safe from costly data breaches.
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POS and Business

Choosing and tailoring your POS system to fit your customer service needs are one thing, but don’t forget about utilizing it to boost your business. Choose a POS system that can analyze sales and create the reports your business can use to make sure you are getting the most return on your investment. Your POS system can save you money by identifying items to keep stocked and which ones can be replaced. Consider the accessibility of your POS system. Some systems are cloud-based, so you can access them from home, another retail location, or even vacation as long as you are connected to the internet. Are you the one that is going to be creating reports, or can these functions be produced by someone with minimal knowledge of the software? Do you plan on expanding at any time in the future and want a system that can handle the increased transaction volume? Do you want your POS system to integrate seamlessly with your accounting or bookkeeping software? Do you already have hardware that you want your new software to be compatible with? These are all questions you should consider when researching a new POS system.


Compare POS systems and Create a Budget
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Now that you have considered all the functions you can use your POS system for, do your research. Look at all the components needed, and fees required. Some systems are more costly upfront but have more integrated features. Others have monthly fees but charge for each individual tool. Ask around similar businesses or check online forums. Call the POS system’s company and see if you can trial the software. These companies want you to use their POS systems and are usually willing to allow you to trial their systems and offer support for setting up and streamlining use.


Purchase Your POS System

Now that you have thought about your needs and desires from your POS system and have created a budget, it’s time to purchase yours.  Enjoy how it simplifies your life and supports your business.

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