Navigating Digital Noise

Navigating Digital Noise- Complete Controller

With the advent of the digital age, where every kind of information is being disseminated, it is challenging for people to filter out relevant content they are interested in. If you switch on the TV, you will witness debates between anchors and political candidates, reality TV shows, and 24-hour news cycles.

Aside from that, you have many TV series and movies at your disposal, thanks to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more such subscription-based streaming platforms. These various forms of media have infiltrated our everyday lives to a point where our thoughts get muddled. We need to make an active effort to form creative and original thoughts.Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

The average rate of an individual checking their phone is approximately 46 times a day (increased from 33 looks every day in the year 2014), as Time.Com has reported. The evolved, modern-day culture has turned people into social animals where it is necessary to respond to text messages and group chats instantly.

We are so invested in keeping up with the online communication culture that even if it disrupts our sleep cycle or damages organic relationships, we cannot do anything about it.
So, to keep up with this new dynamic in virtual interaction, brands must also change their ways and communicate their story in a modified fashion. If they want to surpass all the noise and have their message heard, the following presents some great tips that can help them.

Drive Straight into it and Get Your Point Across

An average American comes across around 4,000 – 10,000 messages daily, but their memory can retain only 100 out of them all. It is crucial that amidst all the clutter, your message is conveyed correctly and heard. It makes sense that it is hard for humans not to get distracted in this fast-paced world. Our attention spans are consistently low, dropping from 12 to 8 seconds.

Neither do brands have all the time in the world to tell their story and discuss their message, products, or services at length, nor do consumers have the time to go through it all. So, companies should use innovative, attention-grabbing ideas and compact messages with great visuals to stand out.

Visual Content Wins

It is crucial to put across your message; however, make sure that it is visually impressive content bound to turn heads. The impact compact messages accompanied by short bursts of information have is massive. Consumers find it much more convenient to consume visual content than text-around 60,000 times. More than 65% of individuals are visual marketers and learners who utilize videos to generate revenue 49% faster than those who do not use videos.
CorpNet. Start A New Business NowBusinesses rely entirely on words to make an impactful message that is heard. Prospective customers want to be able to envision your product or service in their lives before they make a purchase. It has been reported that buyers are 88% more interested in availing a service or buying a product after seeing a video.

Have a Social Media Presence Because That is Where Your Audience is

People from all generations, age brackets, and backgrounds are utilizing social media platforms. Thus, brands must take advantage of these platforms by marketing themselves through them and potentially grabbing the attention of their target audience.

Facebook users by Age
  • 82% of adults ages 18 -29
  • 79% of adults ages 30 -49
  • 64% of adults ages 50 – 64
  • 48% of adults ages 65+
Instagram users by Age
  • 23% of adults ages 18-24
  • 26% of adults ages 25-34
  • 19% of adults ages 35-44
Twitter users by Age
  • 18% of adults ages 18-24
  • 22% of adults ages 25-34
  • 20% of adults ages 35-44

Understand Various Factors like the Social and Cultural Values of Your Consumers and Generate Relevant Content

Let us take the example of New Heartland to explain this point. If you were advertising your product or services in New Heartland, you would know that 60% of the consumers reside there. Some critical cultural touchpoints are a part of their tradition and should not be overlooked.

These include sports, music, tech, food, and fashion dominantly. An important aspect is that core values, which entail religion, family, and community, all influence the brands they endorse.Download A Free Financial Toolkit

41% of New Heartland consumers claimed they are more drawn to products and services aligning with their core beliefs. It seems that marketers are not yet hitting the mark here as in the same group of responders, only 4% said advertisements “often” are in sync with their core values, while 42% reported that they are “rarely” in line with their core values.

This kind of information paves the way for businesses to understand better what their consumers demand. You can see what resonates and connects with them and accordingly come up with unique messages that speak directly to their culture.


For brands that can get into the flow of this communication tsunami with valuable and consumable messaging, success will be measurable and sustainable.

Businesses must understand the demands and expectations consumers have from them to get past the barrier of digital noise. Only if your brand employs communication mediums to convey messages effectively will you be able to take it to the next level.

So, remember these guidelines and drive your brand to ultimate success!

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