How To Finance Business Growth

How To Finance Business Growth- Complete Controller

There are several options that an owner can use to help grow their business, and the ability to finance a business adequately can significantly impact that growth. Below are a few helpful tips that a person can use to increase purchases, turnover, and new equipment and get into new premises while taking advantage of upcoming growth-related opportunities.Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Using Finance to Increase Annual Revenue

A growing business will experience increased revenue, suggesting that the business position is growing, improving, and gaining more clients. It, in turn, means that the business is selling more products or that more clients are using the services. Increased annual revenue indicates the availability of capital, which can be used to increase production, expand operations, hire more employees, and improve process efficiency.

Flexible Bill Financing

Providing customers with manageable credit terms is considered practical for several different reasons. Many businesses currently offer these terms as it allows a business owner to build better relationships with their clients while helping the business handle payments efficiently over time. Invoice financing is a simple process of freeing cash from a personal invoice to customers.

Instead of waiting several months for the invoice to be paid, the owner can simply sell it to an invoice
financer who will loan their invoice up to 90% immediately. With this process, cash will continue to flow through the business, which enables the owner to pay their bill while taking significant growth steps.

Business Development Loans

When the opportunity presents itself, a businessperson will need credit or capital to grow their investment further. Whether new technology is required for efficient processing and performance or the owner is seeking larger contracts, they will need additional funding for investment. Growth-related loans are easily accessed with little difficulty. ADP. Payroll – HR – BenefitsWhile these loans may seem like a modest option, they are diverse, and a business can use them at different stages of growth for different needs. Utilizing a business development loan depends on the business owner knowing how much funding is needed and what loan requirements are possible.   

If a businessperson’s growth plan contains obtaining new equipment or profitable property, there are several options to receive funding.

Asset Economics

Proper machinery and equipment are essential to business production and growth. However, obtaining the necessary cash or capital to invest in these assets can take time and effort. Several finance options allow people to attain the machinery they require or need for development by leasing new equipment or selling outdated machinery and purchasing state-of-the-art equipment.

Equity Speculation

Business owners often need help with whether to use their equity or continue to let it grow. To avoid using equity, third parties can obtain investments to enhance or facilitate growth. Engaging with these third parties could also lead to selling a part of the business or offering possible future profits.
LastPass – Family or Org Password VaultSimilarly, many business owners must obtain external investments to achieve their business goals. As such, offering an equity share will allow the business owner to gain additional financing sources while maintaining sufficient control.

Growth Through Achievement

The best advice a person can give is “Use the finance available for mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers to grow the business.” If funds are reserved for expansion, it is best to use them to stabilize business operations. Another option is to refinance the current assets to utilize the cash that is tied up. Additionally, other financing options are available, including secured term loans.  

Protected Commercial Loans

Protected marketable loans allow a business owner to access business credits over an extensive period based on tangible assets like properties or equipment. Protected commercial loans are typically used for managing buyouts or re-organizing struggling businesses.


In conclusion, adequate business financing is pivotal for growth. Strategies like flexible bill financing, business development loans, asset options, and protected commercial loans can unlock opportunities and drive sustained expansion. Smart financial choices empower businesses to flourish and achieve long-term success.

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