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Healthcare Tech Transformation- Complete Controller

Technology has touched every aspect of life and is utilized in every industry. A survey showed that significant US businesses now assign 20% of their IT budget to mobile implementations. This advancement in the use of technology has also found its way into the healthcare industry.

The government has also adopted technological innovation to use in a critical strategy. The strategy achieves two core objectives. One is enabling citizens to use mobile applications anywhere and encouraging workers to work remotely due to mobile development. Such applications are the main catalysts behind the innovative practices that the government is working on now.

According to an army doctor working tirelessly from one base hospital to another, the government workforce is now quite mobile. The doctors can now log onto an application and book an operating room. They can also acquire medical reports of the concerned patients to perform sound decision-making steps swiftly.

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The Hurdles of Medical-Mobile Transformation

Considering the increase in technological influence among the people of this era, the most severe concern is security measures. Mobile application development also opened up data security and confidentiality loopholes. The patients and the federal agencies are also worried about security concerns given the sensitive private information in the records.

The concern is not purely hypothetical, given that around 253 healthcare breaches occurred last year. The breach affected around 500 individuals; the cumulative loss was around 112 million records.

Given the danger surrounding health-related records, it’s also understandable that the government is hesitant to adopt mobile health applications compared to the others. Even if other commercial sectors are exposed to data breaches, they can retaliate quickly. Not to mention that federal agencies cannot fail due to the importance of their data.

It’s best advised that the government strengthen its current systems instead of installing new ones to tackle security concerns. Some IT organizations can work consistently to evolve current algorithms to counteract the present issues. For instance, “Red Hat’s Mobile Device Management” solution permits doctors to manage their devices with different security solutions while performing their duties.

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Implementing a Successful Mobile-based Health Application 

The transition to mobile-centric transformation is no walk in the park. Agencies need to perform sound steps to make the transition easy. Thus, Red Hat prepared a three-tiered platform to enable mobile implementation within the public health sectors for smooth transitioning. The platform is also a perfect solution for new federal agencies in developing mobile applications.

However, many questions remain, such as the technology best suited for implementing the feedback expected from the citizens. In such circumstances, organizations such as Red Hat come into play. The three-tiered mobile development platforms by Red Hat consist of the following layers.

Tier one – Frontend device 

The presentation layer is the user interface they see on the mobile device. The key is to develop an application that is simple and user-friendly. Moreover, the tier does not limit the developers to a single development tool. Instead, Red Hat believes that each developer can bring the tool they are comfortable using.

Tier two – Middleware

In hindsight, the middleware is the string that connects tier one with the data access layer (tier three). It is the trickiest tier to develop since it needs to feed data as securely as possible. The middleware must be implemented using Node.js, where it optimizes the frontend performance and converts the backend data efficiently.

Tier three – Backend 

The backend function will occur in the server-side tier of the mobile-based application. With the help of the Node.js function, the developers can integrate heterogeneous backend systems without the need to build everything from scratch.

The three-tiered formation may seem relentless but it requires efficient leadership and strategizing. Thus, federal agencies must understand the dos and don’ts to transform more results-oriented before creating mobile strategies.

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In conclusion, technology’s pervasive influence extends across industries, with significant investments in mobile implementations by major US businesses, even reaching the healthcare sector through government adoption of mobile applications. Despite the transformative impact on healthcare processes, the increasing reliance on mobile solutions raises concerns, particularly regarding data security and confidentiality, as evidenced by a surge in healthcare breaches. The government, recognizing these risks, exercises caution in fully embracing mobile health applications due to the critical nature of federal data. The proposed solution advocates for reinforcing existing systems rather than introducing new ones, emphasizing security enhancement. Red Hat’s three-tiered platform provides:

  • A strategic roadmap for successful mobile implementation in public health.
  • Emphasizing user-friendly interfaces.
  • Secure data access through middleware.
  • Seamless backend integration.

Navigating the complexities of mobile-centric transformation requires efficient leadership and strategic planning, urging federal agencies to consider each tier carefully for a more results-oriented approach. Despite challenges, the potential benefits of mobile health applications in improving accessibility and efficiency underscore the necessity for continued innovation and adaptation in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

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