Fraud Prevention With Effective Internal Controls

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Internal fraud is a significant problem faced by organizations today, and most companies don’t even readily admit that their business may be vulnerable to employee theft or fraud. Gone are the days when it used to be a rare thing. It is an everyday activity that is causing businesses to lose billions of dollars in annual revenues and profits.

According to a report published by the ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners), organizations lose a significant 9% of their revenue due to fraud each year. This number indicates that a substantial portion of annual profitability is drained due to this curse, and businesses need to develop a fraud prevention plan to secure their invaluable assets. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

You Cannot Blindly Trust Your Employees

With the right technological tools and techniques, the prevention of fraud is possible. However, you need to devise an effective plan if you expect to reduce fraud or employee theft in your organization. Initially, businesses had the margin to trust their employees almost entirely due to the long-termed developed faith and trust on personal and professional grounds.

Now, businesses cannot trust their employees as they used to. Why? Because people have lost morality and faith and would exploit the business they might be working in as much as possible and get hold onto any opportunity they find. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Maintaining Effective Internal Control

Organizations need to maintain effective internal control for the prevention of fraud. Fraud is devastating for a business, both financially and culturally. Business owners who ignore the fraud cases in their organization will face repercussions in the shape of losing their competitive advantage, growth, and working capital.

Employee fraud has many forms, and there are roughly three major categories that reveal how employees steal from their company. They include corruption, asset misappropriation, and financial statement fraud.  If an organization successfully maintains effective internal control, it can significantly reduce employee fraud in its organization.

The prevention of fraud is not as complicated as it seems; it takes awareness of your staff’s mentality and the proper practices that prevent it from happening.

Poor Internal Control Is Costly to Businesses

Using the right tools and techniques can significantly reduce the percentage of employee fraud. Prevention of fraud is only possible when it is done right. Inadequate internal control is one out of four primary reasons due to which any fraud occurs. The other three include collision between employees, collision and personal rifts between employees and third parties, and management override of internal controls. If you expect to prevent fraud and eliminate fraud risks, you need to design an internal control that can deter fraudulent activities. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

What Comes Under the Banner of Effective Internal Control?

Before creating an effective plan for preventing fraud, you need to define your company’s culture and how your business is governed. You need to assess every employee to know them well. Educate your employees by integrating various interactive methods in which every employee must participate.

Once the training is finished, continuously remind your staff to uphold standards that will help ensure continuous growth and success. Lastly, you need to document everything without errors to ensure that employees understand the code of conduct and theft prevention policies well.

Building solid relationships and communication with your employees is significant for a company’s growth and success. The prevention of fraud can be possible when you maintain strong interactions and communication with your employees.

Moreover, segregation of duties is one way by which you can track your employee’s productivity and performance. The employees who dare to steal from you can be traced easily when roles and duties are assigned, respectively. Bookkeeping records can reveal who is stealing from you; it just takes effective monitoring and tracking.

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