Financial Management – The Secret to Sound Entrepreneurship

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A fine financial management structure depicts how an entrepreneurship business is doing and why. A well-organized system for bookkeeping is critical to establish procedures to manage and control finances. Financial management is the system to place digits to work for a successful business. Financial management is used to formulate the decision that improves business operations and make it more successful.

Advantages of Financial Management

Financial management makes you a better macro manager. These are the advantages gained if you ace financial management:

  1. Turning your business with proactive management.
  2. Debts for business are easily approved.
  3. Quick formulation of an efficient financial plan for sharing with investors.
  4. Accessibility to good tools for making critical financial decisions.
  5. Investing money on fixed assets wisely.
  6. Efficiently maintain inventory and accounts receivable, develop working capital for short-terms.
  7. Clear knowledge of growth orientation and setting goals for sales.
  8. Improvement in margin of gross profit by effective pricing of your services and cutting the effective costs of direct labor, supplier prices. All of these measures affect costs of products.
  9. Cutting down of administrative expenses and general costs plus a more efficient business management.
  10. Planning for taxes.
  11. Planning in advance for worker settlement.
  12. Executing sensitivity analysis with the diverse fiscal variables involved.

Developing a System for Financial Management

The first step is to create the financial statements. For proactive management, you need a plan in which a monthly generation of financial statements is done. This statement needs to include:

  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow statement

All of this information can be extracted from bookkeeping, invoices, bank statements, and invoice receipts.

Master Financial Business Management with these 6 Tips from the Best Entrepreneurs

1. Profit Doesn’t Characterize Success

In financial management for entrepreneurs, profitability doesn’t indicate success. Rather, growth indicates that a business is excelling and on the right path. Profit is the ultimate goal for sound entrepreneurs but growth of the business is critical to determine how the business is doing.

2. Identify what Metrics Affect the Business

Identify the financial metrics which are universal and applicable to every business. Closely look into your specific business and identify specific metrics that affect your particular company. The universal metrics are revenue, operating expense, money on hand, gross margins, etc.

3. Don’t Drop Capital on Dumb Mistake

Efficient bookkeeping will help you in assessing your mistakes and where you are losing money. Identify all of the areas where money wastage is avoidable because early profits are more worthy in entrepreneurship.

4. Carry Out a Cost Review

An audit of the business should be done because you cannot monitor all of your employees all of the time. This should be done at least quarterly to have a close look on your expenses and how to justify them.  Audits also reduce the risk of fraud.

5. Make your Time Count

Entrepreneurs have to do many tasks themselves due to small budgets. They have to maintain bookkeeping, run payrolls, etc. Entrepreneurs do things themselves to save money but, in reality, this time should be spent in growth of their business. Use technology to save your time.

The monthly financial statement can be generated through the latest automated software package especially designed for accounting. These are to be used with your manual bookkeeping system. To save your time, you can also employ internal or external bookkeepers to provide you with monthly financial statements.

6. Build a Method to Track Success with Time

Every entrepreneur must have a system to assess success over time. This system is used to validate the financial management system and to reset goals, if needed.


To grow a successful business as a sound entrepreneur, you must have a deeper understanding of your financial management system. Sabrina Parsons, CEO of Live Plan, believes “budgeting, forecasting, and planning are not just for start-ups. If you do this for an ongoing business, you’re going to grow 30 percent faster, you’re going to be more successful and your numbers are going to mean more.”

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