Employee Crisis Guide: Support


We all have a different situation that diverts us from work timely–an ill family member, a friend’s death, a divorce, domestic violence, and more. You cannot be at their best at such times. But as a leader, what can you expect? How can you support that person in taking care of themselves emotionally and ensure they perform their tasks (or as much of them as possible)?

Regardless of how professionally managed your business is, one emergency or pandemic could granulate things to a devastating end. This is particularly valid for private or small businesses – lacking assets prevents them from managing the consequences of an emergency or crisis. This outcome in client backfires and diminished deals, impacting the organization’s overall revenue and further staining its integrity.Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the globe and changed how the world thinks. People are more concerned and careful regarding factors before making decisions.

The situation has altered living, studying, traveling, eating, purchasing, and working. It is a fact that people must work to earn a living. Employees cannot survive without working even for a month or two. Workplaces also require a workforce and fail to bear employees’ expenses if they do not work.

First, Listen, then Suggest

When you speak with a worker regarding their demanding work, “Listen first rather than quickly suggesting some specific course of action.” They might want a sounding board regarding the hurdles of caring for an ill relative or a chance to describe why a divorce has impacted their attention span. If you quickly give suggestions, they take a leave of absence to maintain their schedule, and they might put off if that is not what they were thinking. Instead of asking about the work, offer them to help maintain business productivity during tough times. The worker might suggest a temporary arrangement –time off, transfer the project to a teammate, or more convenient timings for a couple of weeks that are amenable to you.

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Keep Health On Priority 

Remember that your company or business is nothing alone. However, it combines your employeesclients, and multiple other stakeholders. Therefore, consider things a bit selflessly. Your stakeholders’ health should be the highest priority, and it is only possible by compromising productivity. You should send most employees to work in their personal spaces to keep others and themselves safe from spreading illnesses. It is the most helpful pattern followed by the world.

An organization must think multi-dimensionally and require a strategy for employees who cannot work remotely or must be on the field at any cost. In these circumstances, it is difficult for the company to decide. Companies should be serious about those SOPs. Employees should strictly follow the protocols for better results without compromising health.

Make Yourself Available

They might be embarrassed or overwhelmed, causing them to be continuously late or miss the targeted deadline. A manager leader’s first challenge is often identifying the caution signs that a worker is going through a tough time. Spend time maintaining a good relationship with workers so you will notice any issues early on. Suppose you sustain an environment of compassion in the workplace. In that case, people are more likely to come to you and face tough times proactively.

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Consider Workload

You also investigate whether the prolonged absence will impact customers or team members badly. If so, lessen those dangers by simplifying the employees’ workload. If other team members are willing and able to take their projects, transfer them temporarily. Remember to grant rewards for those stepping in—set timelines for any changes you make. Whatever changes you make, be clear regarding your expectations during this period. Be clear regarding what they can achieve and set objectives they can meet.

Bottom Line

Every organization faces a crisis, which might come from natural disasters, pandemic situations, or poor employee performance, worsening the company. Practical ways were discussed with whom to communicate and deal with the employees.

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