Compliance Issues for Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries

San Francisco, United States - September 28, 2011: People move along the sidewalk in front fo the Green Door, medical marijuana pot shop store in SOMA taken on September 28, 2011 in San Francisco.
Recreational marijuana dispensaries are local government retail stores that can be utilized for recreational use of cannabis. In this regard, an adult can easily purchase smoking accessories. It has been observed that recreational marijuana dispensaries confront compliance issues that have effects on sales. It is important to have legal advisors who can guide you on how to overcome compliance issues and inform you of the legalities which are essential to acknowledge before you get into trouble. There are several compliance issues that are often ignored by the owners of dispensaries. In this respect, a consultation with a compliance legal advisor can save you from harsh penalties. 

Avoid Selling to Minors

In a retail operation, it is highly discouraged and against the law to make sales to minors because it is considered the most crucial aspect of compliance violence. In this perspective, it is necessary to train budtenders to consistently card customers when they make any purchase.

Compliance Check

Another essential aspect related to compliance issues is the inability to maintain records. Documentation such as background checks relevant to all employees and contractors who visit the recreational marijuana dispensary should always be organized and kept

 Corporate Documentation

It is considered crucial to keep corporate paperwork and documentation up to date for legal compliance. In this respect, changes that occur in terms of members or changes in documents such as licensing requires reporting to state regulators. A recreational marijuana dispensary can keep a full time compliance officer for their organization to avoid compliance issues.  

 Inspection and Physical Security for Safety

Another compliance issue is a regulatory process in terms of physical security and inspection within and outside the premises. It has been observed that there is lack of video surveillance in may dispensaries. This comes under the category of violation of law.  Compliance requires one to follow the rules and regulations of law in order to run a recreational marijuana dispensary and avoid issues.  

 Safety of Storage and Logging

After taking preventive measures against inspection and security around the premises, especially video surveillance, it is important to acknowledge the fact that the dispensary is also complying with statues relating to storage of surveillance logs and video recording. These are some important facts that are widely ignored in recreational marijuana dispensaries.

 Product Safety

Dispensaries must be concerned with their packaging, labeling, and safety of their general products. In this perspective, it is crucial to acknowledge that the size and labeling of each product must meet the set guidelines and are considered necessary by regulating agencies. Auditors have reported that there are many dispensaries that hardly pay attention to these legal compliance issues.

 Inventory Management

It is important to ensure that a recreational marijuana dispensary does not run out of stock because of poor inventory management. This negligence may lead to heavy fines, loss of dispensary licenses, and penalties.  Discrepancies occur because of an inability to account accurately, lack of assurance, and theft on the part of employees.

Failure to Report

All states have their own compliance rules that allow them to make a sales report. Depending on the recreational dispensary, reports are required on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. As compliance is a part of the business, it is essential to provide sales reports that comply with inventory counts. Those dispensaries that do not possess a POS system face difficulty in making a report on their sales and whom they are selling their products to.

Lack of Proper Licensing

States have their own rules and regulations in terms of recreational marijuana dispensaries. In this regard, it is important to have an up to date license. 

Illegal Sales

Illegal sales can lead one towards great trouble. Dispensaries should not underestimate this legal aspect. Dispensaries have been caught by law officials for selling recreational marijuana before the implementation of Proposition 64 took effect. It is highly advisable not to sell recreational marijuana illegally to avoid taking the risk of being shut down and facing severe penalties.

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