Cloud Hosting: Structuring A Paperless Filing Cabinet

A Conceptual vision of a Datacenter on the cloud Cloud Computing
Ah, the digital era. Technology has surpassed our expectations to give us wonderful innovations like software for office automation or IT systems like cloud hosting for increased productivity. The paperless filing cabinet is one aspect of cloud IT systems that makes life easier, not just for the trees but for staff too! By virtue of the fact that the data isn’t on paper but on a cloud where servers rule the domains and you have less control, is it a good idea? There is always a threat of data being compromised or worse, the service providers terminating vital services that would certainly impact your business negatively and create a disastrous scenario.

That being said, no amount of technology can render something foolproof. However, the best industry practices such as changing passwords periodically for paperless filing cabinet purposes, virus scanning, spam filters and encrypted connection really do help with cloud hosting.

Structuring your Paperless Filing Cabinet in a Cloud

Following a set of standards as a protocol is always a smart idea to maintain any system. A paperless cabinet works depending on the requirement. A few considerations are taken into account first. First, all of the tools are required which are software (Evernote or an equivalent) and a scanner. Secondly, realize the fact that, while you are going to a paperless filing cabinet, no one else will be. Cloud hosting or not; you still have to use paper on some occasions. 

Scan all documents that are part of your business procedures like raw material purchase orders or delivery memos, for instance. After scanning, all of this data is stored in PDF format and then placed on a cloud which hosts it for various reasons and users. It can be great for many reasons. One of the biggest advantages is being able to access it anywhere, anytime. At the same time, security for a paperless filing cabinet should be balanced so that data residing on cloud hosting that is out of your control is rendered secure by going paperless.

The risk is the main focus which is lowered by storing data. The software involved in your digital cabinet helps encrypt your data. Even if your account has been compromised, the data on it would be deemed unusable and useless. Due to the encrypted nature of the data, the software wouldn’t be able to search it or find it. Depending on the nature of the business, it is a matter of preference but also an understandable trade-off. For a paperless filing cabinet on a remote cloud hosting service, sensitive data needs to be protected and, with this form of encryption, high levels are achieved.

Carrying a briefcase is a hassle but, with this technology, a virtual briefcase is created in your device that helps you access anything, anytime. On mobile devices, a higher level of security is needed so always use passwords on all such devices. You can even program your device to run an erasing program that would wipe the device clean if a certain number of login failures or attempts happen. Data in a paperless filing cabinet that is located in cloud hosting services is an asset and, thus, holds a symbolic place in the hearts of businesses. With operating systems and servers crashing, ask yourself, is this level of unpredictability required for my business? Always ensure that sensitive data is always backed up with you before sending it to cloud services. This would render any future needs to be fulfilled locally which is faster as compared to the cloud. But, when traveling, cloud hosting really makes life easier.

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