Choosing The Right CRM System

Choosing The Right CRM System- Complete Controller.

Small companies can benefit from a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system, but the CRM software must match their requirements.

Regarding customer management, many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) rely on manual methods such as pen and paper, Excel, and e-mail programs. At the same time, employees in sales and marketing complain about outdated data, a lack of transparency, and a high expenditure of time. Does using a CRM system provide an efficient solution? If so, which CRM system is the right one?LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Who Needs a CRM System?

Not every company needs a CRM system, but for many companies, using a CRM system makes sense. Companies that rely on extensive projects, long-term customer relationships, and internal teamwork can experience the most significant advantage. Employees of an agency, a consulting company, or a coaching team who have looked after their customers for years can benefit from a CRM system. Even after prolonged inactivity, it is essential to understand which colleague last spoke to the customer, what was agreed upon, or who was the primary contact. It is vital to have access to the latest data at home, in the office, or a hotel. 

Associates depend on quickly becoming familiar with CRM data without relying on other colleagues. Many associates using a CRM system are grateful when simple marketing or sales tasks can be completed through the system without consuming work days. A CRM software with a simple range of functions is sufficient. When entering the world of CRM, less is often more.

Sales Model

Does your sales team contact countless potential new customers daily where the sales process is similar or partially automated? The high cycle rate forces you to conduct subsequent analysis and control: who made how many calls, how long they last, and how many calls are necessary to achieve a conclusion? Are personal recommendations a more important channel for you than a sales force with glowing telephone receivers? Then, you will be much happier with a CRM system, and using software that focuses on these processes makes sense.  Download A Free Financial Toolkit


Complicated CRM software remains complicated, even if you manage to navigate it finally. New employees and occasional users will appreciate simplicity, and the data quality will increase enormously if the software is not complicated. When testing user-friendliness, rely primarily on your gut feeling. Is the user guidance logical and comprehensible? Can you find everything right away? Is the online assistance helpful?


What applies to a user-friendly system also applies to the technical set-up: keep it simple. If you need a service provider for every change, problems simply remain, and data is duplicated from merged files. Modern CRM systems can usually be set up and easily used online. A test or demonstration account can be set up quickly, and Software as a Service (SaaS) is convenient. 

Software that runs in the cloud does not need to be installed or maintained and can be accessed via the web browser. A simple username and password combination is enough to access the CRM system. Other advantages include not being tied to a specific device or location, only needing an Internet connection, and decentralized teams have access at any time.ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

Flexible Contract Terms

In the past, CRM systems had to be purchased as software, which was usually costly. SaaS solutions, on the other hand, are rented and billed monthly. The cost starts at $5-$10 per user. This flexibility is often required for growing companies, so new employees are simply added. If the software used no longer works after the founding years, a change can be made quickly without significant initial investments. Check which format you can export your data in the event of a termination.

Important Functions

As unique as every company may be, some functions are standard in day-to-day CRM business. In addition to these essential functions, the “look and feel” of the software should have priority in CRM selection over basic features and function comparison. If you feel comfortable with the tool, you will only use the CRM system long-term. Even if one tool has more functions, it is not necessarily better. The simpler, more precise, and more intuitive a CRM system is, the more efficient it is. Most importantly, the functions suitable for your application are available.

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