Business Hurdles: Communication’s Role

Business Hurdles Communication’s Role- Complete Controller

Effective communication is essential in any business, even more so in today’s competitive business environment. Your company might be facing dire consequences because of poor communication. In some industries, poor communication leads to conflicts. Still, failure in communication can also lead to health hazards and negatively affect the employees and the company.

Here are a few issues your organization might be facing due to poor communication:

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Stress in the Workplace

High workplace stress levels can be the first sign that your organization has a communication problem. Poor communication can leave your employees feeling unacknowledged. Effective communication allows a sense of predictability and stability, but a lack of communication introduces fear and tension, which is severely counterproductive.

When employees are stressed, they go home all worn out, which affects their personal lives. In a professional crisis or stressful situation, the words of a caring boss or manager can make a significant and positive difference. It would help if you communicated to your employees that they can share their concerns with you without any reservations.

Unmet Needs and Expectations

Being able to communicate in a professional environment is a basic need for many employees in the workplace. How can your employees feel safe in a professional setting when they are uncomfortable asking questions and raising concerns? Missed deadlines, clients missing opportunities, and people on your team not aware of their roles—this is what miscommunication or no communication can do to your business.

Financial Errors

Poor communication between managers and team members can result in misunderstandings about business objectives, which leads to poor outcomes and loss of sales, eventually resulting in the customer’s disappointment. Poor communication also results in your customer being inadequately informed, which may lead to severe financial losses and psychological stress among employees.

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Email Overload

Email overload across various industries has become a significant issue for communicators. Employees are constantly bombarded with emails hitting their inboxes every day. Given the nature of the sector, employees don’t have time to open all of them, resulting in missing important information.

The healthcare sector’s email open rate is just 39%, with less than a 6% click-through rate. This means that when you send vital information such as procedure or policy changes, most of your workforce misses it.

Relationship Breakdown

What is a team? A group of people comes together to face common problems and challenges. What if these people don’t communicate and are only concerned with individual performances? However, this will raise conflicts, and the team will be divided before the project is executed.

A team happens with mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s work. Without communicating and breaking the ice between members, there can never be a synergy for successful project completion.

Outdated Communication Technology

Traditional communication means such as telephones, pagers, and faxes are becoming obsolete but are still being used in healthcare organizations and other businesses worldwide.

These are inefficient communication methods that can’t reach large groups of people simultaneously. Disseminating information using outdated equipment is time-consuming, time that you can use better to respond to customer queries and solve other operational problems.

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Wrong, Expensive, or Delayed Service

It’s common for your customers to feel frustrated because of the long wait times—in some cases, they might even leave the website without talking to the customer representative. Studies show that customers’ perceptions of quality service in the business sector depend on their interaction with the sales representative.

One of your topmost priorities as a business executive is eliminating redundancies. When your customers face procedural delays, undergo improper treatment, or receive incorrect information, you will be held responsible for these setbacks as the organization’s decision-maker. Your business might face severe reputational and financial consequences in the worst-case scenario.

Bottom Line

Overall, we understand your struggles in managing a business. If you are willing to implement strategies, we recommend providing ongoing support to your team and customers, thus developing a safety culture and a robust error reporting system in the workplace. Remember, you can continually improve as a leader within your organization regardless of your experience and skill set.

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