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Budgeting is very essential to the success of any company. All business personnel use it for making decisions in the marketing process. Each business needs to have a competitive advantage to get an edge on their customers by lowering the prices of the product, providing additional services, an easy location, and a lush environment. For this, the foremost requirement is analyzing your competitor’s business thoroughly so that the project management can be handled more resourcefully.

A comparison with your competitor is important at the start-up of the business and also when you think of expanding your business. Get ready to offer them something unique, more innovative. In such a fast pace environment, businesses need to keep records of the cost advantage resulting from efficiency, product, service, and people differentiation as well as image, quality, innovation and differentiation.

Factors that should be considered when Creating a Budget

The Age of Company as well as the Product

The actual budget depends on the initial funding of the company. The budget range can be from 1% to 10% of the revenue. A well-established company will have a greater revenue from sales which can be set aside for marketing, while a business start-up will prefer to invest the money into improving the quality of their product. A brand company with a large and loyal consumer base will have to focus more on the quality of the product with marketing.

The Objective of the Company

Marketing campaigns are chosen according to the intention of the companies. This is also referred to as target based budgeting. Hence, each marketing campaign is different due to the budget required which is also different. The common objectives of a specific business will be building a brand and spreading awareness in addition to trying to break into the existing market. The marketing budget is allocated according to the specific goals.

Budgets of Competitor

The analysis of the competitor’s budget is also important. We need to consider a competitor’s financial plan that is being spent on the customers to market their products. Nowadays, average budget resources for both established companies and start-ups have been clearly defined. On average, 1% of sales revenue is usually allocated for marketing commitments. This also varies in the industrial sector business and sales from one business to another business. Yet, the businesses with higher profit percentages like pharmaceuticals spend more than 20% for new product marketing, ensuring the sales among the customers. Remember that the budget is always considered according to the sales benefit and the specific objective aim of the company.

Targeted Audience

The business should have complete information about the product use in the population age group as well as the region. With this, they can plan their budget and advertising as well as the product release according to these factors.  Always know your target audience. 

Medium of Marketing

The interaction of the consumer with the market is most important. New businesses should learn the trade and invest in the analysis of observing the competitor’s sales graph and marketing medium they are using for the promotion of their product. This helps in determining the amount of capital needed for targeting the certain customer population. For example, companies might spend time and money on promoting the product on social media, but the product has a greater demand through the old era e-commerce method and a radio or newspaper advertisement would be and easier and cheaper method to increase sales and connect the buyer with the product.

 Complete Analysis of the Competitor

Strategic and marketing management are actually the study of the weakness and strengths of the potential and current competitors during the process of budgeting. Detailed analysis provides defensive as well as an offensive strategies to deal with threats. Creating profiles proves to be an organized method for complete analysis of the market as well as the product as it contains the efficient implementation of marketing strategies.



For a successful business start-up to be profitable, detailed and organized competitive analysis is the most important task. Create profiles with in-depth details given in the article above including the financial status observed, workforce, and advertising strategies.

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