Are Your Payroll Problems Really Cash Flow Problems?

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Payroll is a very important issue for a company/business. If the business is running short on funds, the payroll finances must be arranged to pay for its employees. Small business owners can have a contract with payroll companies to ease their administrative work in payroll or certain expenses can also be delayed to make for wiggle room in payroll. Train your staff how to process payroll in time. If after reviewing your payroll schedule, the system is still not working, there is likely a large cash flow problem in the business.


Small business owners can make payroll on time and manage their cash flow problems by implementing these cash elevating policies.

Short-Term Business Loans

To fulfill an urgent requirement of payroll funding, you can borrow money or take small loans to fund the payrolls. If the amount is small, the money can be paid back using small business lines of credit.

Collect Late Payments and Outstanding Receivables

Many customers delay their payments. In a small business, if you are running short on income, quickly generate invoices and send them to customers immediately. This will minimize the delayed payments by the customers to some extent.

Offer them discounts if the payment is made within a given time frame before the deadline.

Factor Your Invoices

  • Always encourage your clients to pay quickly
  • Use Invoice Factoring for typical slow paying customers
  • Be Persistent with Notices
  • Retain Legal Counsel
  • Link with other small business owners in the trade union
  • Utilize the services of a collection agency

 Decrease Business Expenses

Keep a strict check and balance on the expenses going on in your business. Do not sign any reimbursement application before double checking the purpose, date, and invoice number.

Eradicate unnecessary expenses in your business. If your advertising is costing you an arm and a leg, then consider using social media, which is normally free, and directly interact with your potential customers.

Liquidate High-Value Assets

Liquidating high-value assets can be done as a last resort but, still, it provides an option for making payroll in time. You can sell a valuable asset of your business which is not being used or is not a part of the capital investment. You can sell a car to manage payroll funding on time. Though this loss cannot be compensated, as you most likely do not get the asset back, it will eradicate the chances of inconvenience between you and your employees.

Small Business Line of Credit

The small business line of credit works like a credit card. You simply pay interest on your present due balance, not on the entire credit line stretched out before you. When you pay back your balance, the sum of the existing credit rises and becomes accessible to borrow again in the future.

Outsourcing Contractors

Small business owners have to manage a lot of business operations. Especially, at the start of business, many small business owners hire more staff than is actually required. Extra payroll funding has a negative effect on small business income and growth. 

Small business frequently make the mistake of hiring a new employee for each new task that arises instead of dividing it among existing staff. This creates a huge issue of payroll funding for the staff if the business runs slow.

Before hiring another team member, work on other options like outsourcing contractors. Find automated ways for various tasks to reduce the burden on your team.

Refinance & Consolidate

Debts in a small business often result in cash flow problems. Small business owners can refinance their business by consolidating the debt they have taken. They will have to pay back the debts on a monthly basis and they are given the relaxation of years to pay back the small amount every month. Consolidating can also save time and money currently spent on managing a complicated cash flow management process.


Small business owners can use many strategies to sort out their cash flow problems. You can manage and cut back on expenses, encourage your clients to pay on time, or consolidate your debts. In the best interest of your business, consider the above tactics to manage your cash flow problems. 

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