AR Revolution: Transforming Marketing

AR Revolution Transforming Marketing- Complete Controller.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented reality has accelerated the marketing game for brands like never before. When the pandemic hit, brands became even more conscious and inclined to use augmented reality to provide their customers with an experience like never. When social distancing and a lack of real-time emotions are the new standards, brands can use this technological innovation to provide a customer experience like never. 

The use of augmented and virtual reality is revolutionizing how brands market their position in the industry. We are not going to lie; we are also fascinated with the way the market has emerged. The possibilities are endless, and brands have turned every stone so far to prove they are in the game for the long run. Over the past few years, artificial intelligence and machine learning have helped multiple industries evolve from their traditional marketing methods.ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits 

The Benefits of Using Augmented Reality

Augmented reality offers endless solutions and creativity. Brands can communicate with their audiences now regarding a specific offering they have launched, or they can raise awareness impactfully, successfully leaving their competition behind. The sky is the limit! 

The part about augmented reality that tops everything off is that you do not need expensive equipment to be part of the AR world. Just a smartphone is enough for you to be able to jump on the bandwagon. Augmented reality uses presentations, sales pitches, and even the travel industry to help customers experience a full-blown trip from the comfort of their couches!

Augment reality has also transformed the retail sector by allowing customers to indulge in the look and feel of the product before making their purchase. IKEA has launched an AR app where you can try different pieces of furniture for a specific spot in your house by drawing up a 3D rendition of the merchandise on your phone’s screen. Pretty cool, right? 

The gaming industry has also yet to hold back when using augmented reality. Remember Pokémon Go? The game manufacturers carefully transformed our beloved cartoon into a real-time adventure thanks to advances in technology leading to the invention of AR. 

Additionally, mobile applications like City Guide Tour offer an in-house experience for travelers exploring countries beyond closed borders. You can learn about famous landmarks such as libraries, parks, and galleries. You can benefit from advanced features and take photos like a tourist physically present in different countries worldwide. 

AR is slowly moving from being a luxury feature for brands and big companies to a necessary aspect of business marketing. AR has evolved rapidly since its introduction to the masses not too long ago. Immersive technology envelops its consumers, making them part of the whole experience. It is also a great customer touchpoint that can earn brands brownie points when consumers contact augmented reality-amplified content.Download A Free Financial Toolkit 

Using Augmented Reality in Content Marketing

Brands like Google, Snapchat, IKEA, Disney, and so many others have used the benefits of augmented reality to create a two-way communication path for brands with their customers. Marketeers leave the room with the content they put out to be completed by the brand’s consumers. In essence, they are accommodating the creativity of their audiences, trying to reach them beyond logos, filters, and static content. 

USA Today uses in-app features that help consumers interact with immersive news and articles. Publishers can now articulate their content with visuals, which ought to come in handy when working with less-exciting news and topics.

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Is Augmented Reality Flawless?

As all things work, augmented reality is not flawless, and neither is its use. Users need to have smartphones to make use of the technology entirely. Additionally, because AR is still growing daily, it is not unusual to find any glitches with the system, such as the screen freezing or the app crashing at times. However, manufacturers and technicians are still working to provide fewer faulty solutions. 

AR apps also need access to user’s private information with all smartphone and regular application users. AR has raised some concerns with the audience. App manufacturers have also addressed it using encryption and other security measures. If you are privacy-conscious, you should review the privacy policy apps before using them. 

With the industry’s burst of technology and innovation, brands constantly push boundaries and think outside the box to provide their audiences with solutions. Using augmented reality has helped brands connect with their consumers and understand their level of creativity by giving them a chance to tell their stories. Given the scale of global changes and their rapid pace, brands must constantly keep working to enhance customer experience by reaching new heights regarding creativity and innovation. 

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