Accident Protocol: Essential Steps

Accident Protocol Essential Steps- Complete Controller

When we have a traffic accident, either as a driver or as a passenger, regardless of whether we were at fault for the accident, it is a tough time, and in most cases, we are confused about the steps we must follow.

No matter how many precautions you take, any person traveling in a vehicle can be involved in an accident. When an accident happens, knowing how to react and keeping calm as much as possible is essential.

Not all traffic accidents occur under the same conditions, so we must adapt to each specific situation. Next, we will explain the steps we must follow in each case.

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Signaling of the Accident

In an accident, we first must signal the accident properly to avoid having more accidents.

When There are Injured

When someone is injured in a traffic accident, after signaling the accident, we must address the victims and call the health services. Although the injuries or pains are minor and a priori have no significance, it is essential to contact the health services to record the injuries or ailments of those involved and evaluate them.

Call the Police or the Civil Guard

If it is a minor accident, it is not necessary to call the Police or the civil guard. Still, on other occasions, it is essential for them to regularly manage traffic again, collect the data and statements of the persons involved and witnesses, and record the facts of the accident to facilitate future compensation (if any).

Fill in the Friendly Part

Whenever we participate in a traffic accident, we will try to complete the accident report in a friendly manner. We must ensure we have completed the fields correctly and signed where appropriate. The explanation of the accident is transparent so that the insurance does not have any confusion about who the culprit is.

Suppose the parties to the accident do not reach an agreement or there is a confrontation. In that case, they should call the authorities, either the Police or the civil guard, so that the agents can determine the causes of the incident and make a report. The certificate is considered evidence to determine who is to blame for the accident.

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Give the Share to the Insurer

We will have to inform our insurer that the accident occurred within seven days of its occurrence. When giving the part to the insurance, we must contribute all the medical reports, the pacifist position, and our testimony of the facts.

If the insurance were contracted through an insurance brokerage, such as Walnut Insurance, we would have more support and better advice when claiming compensation or giving the party to the insurer. Since from the insurance brokerage they can advise us of the steps to follow and the deadlines.

If we do not cause the accident, we will have six months to establish a criminal complaint against the other vehicle’s driver. If the fact is not constitutive of a crime or offense and the complaint is dismissed, we will have one year (from the end of the criminal procedure) to file a civil claim.

How Do You Claim Injuries From a Traffic Accident?

If you have suffered injuries after a traffic accident, you are entitled to compensation. To claim this compensation, we can do it in two ways:

Extrajudicial route: in this case, the injured party negotiates directly with the insurer until they reach an agreement.

Judicial route: we will go to court if an agreement is not reached or if the act constitutes a crime or offense. In this case, the judge sets the amount as compensation the insurer will pay the injured.

How Do You Claim the Material Damages of a Vehicle?

When the vehicle itself has suffered damage in a traffic accident, we must give the part to our insured within seven days after the accident. Once the region has been delivered, the insurer will send an expert to assess the vehicle’s damage.

As we have said before, if we had contracted the insurance through an insurance brokerage, we could ask the brokerage for help to process the part and the necessary documents after a traffic accident.

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In the aftermath of a traffic accident, whether as a driver or passenger, navigating the ensuing confusion and steps can be daunting. Accidents can happen to anyone despite precautions, emphasizing the importance of remaining calm and knowing how to react. As each accident is unique, adapting to the specific circumstances is crucial. From promptly signaling the accident to addressing injuries and involving authorities when necessary, a systematic approach is essential. Completing accident reports aids insurers in determining liability.

Seeking support from 
insurance brokerages like Walnut Insurance streamlines the claims process, offering valuable guidance and assistance. Whether pursuing compensation for injuries or material damages, understanding the avenues available, from extrajudicial negotiations to legal recourse, is vital. Ultimately, timely action and informed decisions mitigate the challenges of post-accident procedures, ensuring a smoother path to resolution.

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