A Real Estate Strategies Guide

A Real Estate Strategies Guide- Complete Controller.

Many people have earned a lot of money investing in real estate, buying and selling more expensive properties, and buying and renting continuously until they have many properties.

Until the bubble burst in 2008, investing in real estate was something you should do; there was no way to lose money because real estate always rose, so many people started shopping like crazy and got into debt to do so. After the crisis, it became clear that the claim they always went up was wrong and that borrowing too much is extremely dangerous, so we must reflect on this type of investment before practicing it.

In this article, I want to tell you the five main types of real estate investments that exist so that, if you are going to invest in real estate, you can decide which strategy is best for you. In addition, I will tell you that people prefer real estate investments to other types of assets, such as the stock market, and because I opted much more for investing in the stock market.Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Types of Real Estate Investments

There are five types of strategies that you can follow to generate profitability by investing in real estate. Based on your profile and objective, I will tell you each of the five systems and analyze which may interest you.

Buy a Property to Rent

This type of real estate investment is an excellent strategy to earn profits and obtain long-term profitability. If you consider this strategy, you must consider maintenance costs and your cash flow (cash inflow) so as not to incur losses.

In addition, you should inform yourself well of the location since it is a crucial factor for this type of investment together with the previous ones. Buying an apartment in Madrid or Barcelona will not be the same as buying it in Murcia. The price per square meter will differ significantly, but the rental and sale prices will also vary.

It would be best to make a weighty decision: be the tenant yourself or delegate that job to a company that manages your real estate. Ask yourself, can you with the steps derived from having tenants, or do you prefer someone to do it for you and be carefree even if you have less profitability? Indeed, you are wondering if you will not need an exceedingly high investment for this. No doubt, initial capital is required.

Of course, you can buy from a single-person apartment to an entire building, and each investor can decide what best suits their needs and economic capacity. There are, in fact, specialized services on real estate investments that offer advice on different properties until you find the one that best suits what you are looking for.Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

 Buy Real Estate to Reform and Sell

Suppose you are looking to generate income very quickly, and you can condition property in a fleeting period and control the expenses of this reform. In that case, this is your type of real estate investment.

To do this, you must find a property that can be reformed quickly, needs a “slight” reform, and can be revalued with changes.

Invest in Real Estate for Tourism Purposes

The new trend of traveling by renting a property for a (usually short) period has made ​​acquiring a home for this type of tourism an accessible resource to obtain high profitability in the short term. It is also a strategy to buy and rent for short-term or holiday rentals through platforms such as Airbnb.Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

Invest in Real Estate for Commercial Purposes

Another standard option when someone considers entering the world of real estate investments is buying a property for commercial purposes, such as business premises. Instead of renting homes, you can purchase industrial buildings to earn money with office rentals.

These investments can be very profitable, but vacant periods can last longer than residential properties. This strategy is not for beginners since managing and controlling business premises is not as simple as renting a house for someone to live in.

Make Real Estate Investment Passively

These investments have less risk and may have a remarkably high return. Passive real estate investment is made through an investor or team of real estate investors. Through the Listed Companies of Real Estate Investment or SOCIMIs. (REITs in English)

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