7 Ways to Save Money On Just About Everything

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Why the need to Save Money?

In simplest terms, saving money can help an individual or family become financially secure and more stable. The portion of income that is saved over a period of time can help you pay for unexpected events and emergencies. Money keeps you going and whatever you save for yourself each month grows your bank balance. This extra cash or wealth can later be converted into valuable assets such as cars, housing, furniture, and other similar things. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Dramatic Shift in Spending Habits

Undoubtedly, it has become increasingly difficult to save money in a world of instant gratification where we barely notice our purchasing patterns, especially at the time of shopping. Superior marketing and merchandising techniques used by pros across different print and digital media channels are the reason why people are falling prey to impulse buying. It has gotten even harder than ever to keep within a budget because our spending habits and buying behavior have changed quite as a country.

7 tips that will allow you to Save Money every month

Put At Least 20% of your Income into a Savings Account

Saving money sounds great, in theory, but saving substantial money for an uncertain chain of events is no easy feat. You have to cut down on your monthly expenses to save something for your rainy days. According to studies, at least 20% of your monthly income should go into your savings account for maintaining a healthy financial life cycle. This signifies that to save money for a healthy flow of financial activities, we need to create a budget and strictly follow it–without getting distracted.

Create a Monthly Budget and Follow it Strictly

Let’s face it: Everyone struggles to maintain a healthy balance in monthly finances. The reason is obvious; our never-ending needs and desires. People often find themselves miserably stuck in continually creating a monthly budget and trying to follow it with sincerity, only to fail. Families know that if they fail to maintain any kind of order in their finances, they will all suffer eventually. Moreover, household expenses and monthly paychecks should be properly divided into utilities, food/groceries, health, transportation, clothing, home maintenance, and other miscellaneous expenses like car insurance or maintenance. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Spend Less on Food/Groceries Items

The world has witnessed a complete 180-degree shift towards superior retail merchandising over the past decade. To save money, you need to cut your daily expenses. This can be done by making a list before going to any retail store or at least a rough spending plan. Pick only the items from the racks that are essential, redeem monthly points in retail stores, use discount vouchers and coupons, limit your visits, and other similar things. Moreover, by taking lunch from home, skipping the daily latte, or slicing and shredding food at home, you can expect to save quite a bit of money.

Postpone all Non-Essential Tasks

No matter how much you earn each month, spending money on a non-essential task like planning a holiday trip, buying a brand new car, and other lavish things can be postponed. To save money, you need to cut extraordinary costs. Therefore, whatever you would save for the month by doing so will keep you more financially secure and stable than ever.

Buy Inexpensive Subscriptions for Entertainment

Instead of buying expensive DVDs or music, you can enroll in inexpensive subscriptions for entertainment purposes like watching movies/programs/reality shows online, perhaps on Netflix or other similar dynamic platforms that are emerging.  It might even be time to cut the cable with so many options available now. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Avoid Paying Interest

Interests eat a significant portion of your monthly paycheck without even letting you know. So, it’s better to avoid using credit cards for purchasing different essential or non-essential items. This would definitely allow you to save money!

Watch for Occasional Discounts

There are two rules for asking for discounts. Rule#1: You must learn to ask for discounts on everything. Rule#2: Do not be afraid of Rule#1!  What’s the worst thing that is going to happen when you ask for a deal? You already know the worst-case scenario! Don’t you? They might say ‘NO.’ Come-on when you are already on a mission to save tons of money or cut monthly costs/expenditures; this shouldn’t bother you too much.

Similarly, you need to look for promotional or occasional discount offers that clothing, retail, home maintenance companies may offer. This allows you to save money and cut costs quite significantly.


If you add up where all of your monthly paycheck goes, you would probably notice that it goes predominantly into food, entertainment, and utilities in the budget list. To save money, you need to sensibly plan a budget, which is cost-effective and not hard on the wallet.

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