7 Ways to Invest in Real Estate


Acquiring your property is among the leading financial goals of many people. If you are one of them, you are probably looking for the security of putting your money into something solid and at low risk and protecting your assets against the effects of inflation.

Many people’s first thought is to acquire a home or apartment to live in, but did you know that making a real estate investment can also be an excellent opportunity to earn extra income?

In this post, we’ll show you how to invest in real estate in several ways, transforming your real estate assets and increasing your equity. Regardless of your profile, you will find something perfectly suited to your needs here. Check it out!

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Land is known as a great wealth generator. It usually values quickly and can be sold for much more than when it was purchased. This gives you the chance to reinvest the money.

You may have noticed that the outskirts of big capitals grow reasonably rapidly. Brazil is a country in a constant horizontal expansion of its cities, making land that today is too far away can, in a short time, gain prominence in terms of location.

Property in Plant

New real estate ventures always appear, and the possibility of acquiring a property is still in the plant. The builders provide this modality in the initial stages of the works when buying the units for more accessible values than when they are complete.

As a result, several investors acquire this type of property to resell when they are ready to be occupied. According to the works, it is also possible to negotiate the property value in the plant before this period – representing an exciting earnings opportunity.Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Property Used

While so many people are looking for brand-new housing, you can find real relics if you can. After all, it is not uncommon for buyers to desire used real estate cases that require only a few renovations.

So, how about investing in purchasing one of these properties and benefiting from their appreciation after making the improvements? Remember that you need to look at a location with the investor’s eyes, assessing your real profit possibilities compared to the amount applied.

Commercial Real Estate

The growth of cities brings an increase in the number of residences, shops, markets, malls, schools, etc. Fundamental to tracking population growth, commercial real estate can also be an excellent alternative to investing in real estate.  

The business may be even more interesting for those who can make this investment in times of crisis since the value of this type of property falls considerably in these periods. However, we must consider that the liquidity of this business can be low since the demand for companies and industries that could occupy these spaces tends to fall.

Real Estate That Changes Category

A feature of the real estate market is that many real estate lose their initial purpose’s attractiveness for many reasons. This situation causes them to become underutilized, opening the possibility of changing the category to attract more interest in a negotiation.ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits


It may seem strange to discuss financing to invest in real estate, doesn’t it? After all, this is a financial transaction in which you must pay an amount with interest, which could even exceed the expected returns on investment.

This modality is usually more sought by those hurrying to acquire property, especially when using it as their dwelling. However, even among those who want to make the property investment, funding may be engaging in some cases.


If you do not have the money you need to acquire a property but do not want to miss out on the opportunities in that market, the consortium is the right choice. Unlike the financing, the real estate consortium does not include interest, and the plots are much more affordable.  

In this modality, the participant becomes part of a group of stakeholders with the same amount of credit for purchasing real estate. Some of them contemplate each month, which can happen by lot or bidding (when you anticipate the payment of a certain number of remaining parcels).

With the letter of credit in hand, it is much easier to acquire the desired property. It is considered a form of cash payment, which gives its holder excellent negotiating power.

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