7 Best Websites for Start-up Accounting Advice

Start-up Accounting Advice - Complete Controller

An accountant needs more than a brick-and-mortar office in today’s ever-changing world. Accountants must constantly expand their knowledge while keeping up with the latest industry innovation. They should also be able to share this knowledge with those looking for financial advice. The same is true for start-ups. To help your business expand financially, you should constantly be aware of the best accounting practices.

The following seven websites for small business owners offer accounting advice. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

  1. Accounting Coach

This website was initiated in 2003 to allow students, small businesses, and bookkeepers to learn new accounting skills while increasing their present knowledge. This website aims to make educational material available without the expense of books, tuition, and all other costs associated with a formal education. The single requirement is a working internet connection. Furthermore, the Accounting Coach offers a professional version of the program, which features interactive tests and visual tutorials.

  1. Sleeter

The Sleeter Group was created in 1994 in Pleasanton, California. The goal of Sleeter is to offer various educational resources to accountants along with small business owners. Sleeter has also assembled a group of more than seven hundred accounting professionals who will serve as consultants for group members and offer implementation services. Sleeter organizes annual conferences and trade shows where the most modern accounting services and software programs are highlighted. Members of the Sleeter Group have access to webinars reference guides and twenty-five QuickBooks assessments. The members will also have access to the annual conference.   LasPass – Family or Org Password Vault

  1. Skoda Minotti Blog

Founded in 1980, Skoda Minotti has the vision to offer a comprehensive accounting service that helps their users grow and prosper. They recently expanded their services to litigation services, business valuation, strategic marketing, and financial services. The blog has a gamut of information on each of these topics. Significant changes were made to the accounting industry by permitting non-CPA ownership and investments in the CPA Firms.

  1. The Blunt Bean Counter

The author of this blog is Mark Goodfield, and he offers tax advice that is not just for small businesses or start-ups. Any individual can benefit from their blog. Nevertheless, most of the lectures available are relevant to those who own private companies with a high net worth. Goodfield has more than 25 years of experience in accounting and finance and is a chartered accountant by profession.

  1. The Economist

Accounting is a dynamic facet in the world of business, but it is only one aspect of the field of economics. The Economist accounting blog took this brilliant idea and made numerous entries covering the world of politics, finance, business, and culture to help facilitate its users. Exit Advisor

  1. Evergreen Small Business

Evergreen Small Business is a blog that offers advice for those who own small businesses. A section of the blog is dedicated to answering questions regarding management, financial planning, and tax accounting for small business owners. Examples of their expertise can be discovered in the recent posts, including “Using the Delphi Method for Small Business Problem Solving and Index Funds and Asset Allocation Even Better for the Wealthy?” The blog was founded by Steve Nelson, who has thirty years of experience and specializes in accounting. The blog is dedicated to helping small business owners flourish. 

  1. Dear Drebit

Accounting professionals now have an active forum that they can use to discuss and get answers to several different accounting and financial issues. Dear Drebit allows all its site visitors to submit questions concerning accounting as it applies to a business evaluation, healthcare improvement, and other financial topics. Dear Drebit was produced by Rea and Associates, an Ohio-certified communal accounting firm. They have been in existence since 1938 and currently have more than eleven offices across the state of Ohio.

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