5 Reasons Your Financial Planner Can Replace Your Therapist

Shot of a middle aged couple consulting with their investment advisor their retirement savings plan.

What Is A Financial Planner?

A financial planner is a professional who helps you manage your finances and solves financial matters on your behalf. When it comes to the management of finances, saving and investment projections, retirement plans and other long-term financial aspects, devising effective strategies and execution plans become absolutely necessary if you expect to be on the right track. You may have little knowledge related to such financial matters but a financial adviser is the one who has the knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience in handling money-related matters. A financial planner gets things going for you and helps you achieve financial goals and objectives faster.

Increased Demand for Financial Planners

According to a report by the American Psychological Association, money is the leading cause of stress among most Americans. Moreover, it revealed that health and family relations have largely been compromised due to financial pressures. This signifies that creating and maintaining a perfect balance has become more or less like an alien job. A recent survey conducted by APA, out of a pool of 5000 adults from the professional field, discovered that nearly 39% of adults (both male and female) are finding it extremely hard to handle money-related matters.

This indicates that the need and demand for professional financial planners has intensified significantly, opening doors of opportunity for the people who are actually good at giving sound financial advice.

5 Reasons a Financial Planner can replace your Therapist and help you regain control over your Finances

A Financial Planner works more or less like a Therapist

Fighting against all odds and saving money for hard times has become extremely challenging these days. Looking at low-income level, people have actually lost the motivation to save money for their rainy days. Perhaps, they had to blame something for not saving at all, so they found the reason. One study found that ‘financial crises are the root cause of all stress.’ It can come from many things—medical emergencies, job crises, divorce, bankruptcy, unusual spending, extraordinary lifestyle and much more.

Financial Planners Help You Regain Strength and Control over Financial Matters

Regardless of the cause, the repercussions are often emotional and mental stress, current and future financial concerns, lack of motivation and confidence. In a crisis, regaining strength and control over yourself is absolutely necessary for the mitigation of all financial issues. You can do this by taking concrete action. Hiring the expertise of a professional financial planner may be a tough job initially but once you are able to find the right strategic fit, you will notice a significant difference in the quality of the advice you receive. Plus, a financial adviser or planner works just like a therapist who will get things fixed—the first time.

Converting emotional instability into rationality

A financial crisis can cause a great deal of emotional and mental turmoil. According to reports, young couples find it quite hard to keep a balance in their finances, which often leads them to boil over into a heated argument. Not surprisingly, such heated arguments and fights over financial issues often lead couples to file for divorce. It is the hidden trait of a great financial planner to play an intermediary role and make things work for people, especially for young couples to know not to involve in such indecent acts. Hiring the expertise of a professional financial adviser seems to be a fair trade as they may help you craft a sound game plan, which may solve financial shortcomings right away.

Overcoming the Fear Factor

Often people find themselves stuck miserably in severe financial crises. The ‘fear factor’ plays a predominant role in restricting the potential of people in making the right decisions. It is human tendency to show lack of commitment to anything that doesn’t interest them at the first glance. So, hiring a professional financial planner to think and act on your behalf becomes mandatory to get things moving along. We know for a fact that not everyone is privileged enough to get their financial equation right. So, it’s better to procure professional help, which will surely help you to overcome your financial fears.

Turning the Confusion into Clarity

It is a financial adviser’s job to help their clients devise a sound game plan for meeting their financial worries. In fact, it is the duty of any financial planner to give clarity to all of the confusions a client may have with regarding how to manage their finances effectively. So, in order to make things work for their clients, a financial adviser must have a clear picture of their client’s financial status. 


Psychologists listen to their patients and understand them well before stepping into a therapeutic session. It is important for them to create a sound game plan for their patients so that they can recover from personal traumas. However, a therapist can only empathize and sympathize in getting their patients out of financial trauma. For proper saving, investment, and money-related choices, a financial planner is well qualified to help in this aspect. You need to hire the right person for the right job in order to improve your financial health.

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