5 of the Best Websites for Start-Up Accounting Advice

Accounting Startup - Complete Controller

Start-up accounting is necessary to manage your business’s financial transactions efficiently. It is essential for start-up businesses as it helps develop a sound foundation that creates more opportunities for business growth. Start-up accounting can be done by an accountant who can keep the records correctly, or you can opt to use accounting software.

Start-up accounting is essential to understand the accounting basics leading to effective accounting management, further benefiting the business in working adequately, such as getting a good return on investments satisfying the business stakeholders and attracting more shareholders to invest in the business.

It helps business owners check the business’s performance and then make decisions accordingly, for example, comparing the business activity from the past to the current. It is helpful for all businesses but especially for start-up businesses.

Start-up accounting can be a medium for the business to communicate externally with its stakeholders, such as banks when giving loans. They need to see the business’s financial position first, and the other businesses planning to invest will also want to see the business’s financial position. 

It is not that difficult to gather knowledge about starting a business thanks to the internet because it helps to give you more and more information about everything you want to know. Here are the five best websites to give you start-up accounting advice for your business.

Accounting Coach

Accounting Coach is one of the best websites for start-up businesses, allowing them to learn more accounting skills and increase their knowledge. One of the exciting things about this website is that it provides education free of cost.

This website also has a premium version which includes tests, quizzes and other preparation material which is not expe naive at all, the people who have already used this website fully recommend it not only because of the excellent quality education but also because they have flexible hours, affordable prices and a good start for your career.


Sleeter is also a good enough website for start-up businesses as their goal is similar to other websites, which is to provide information regarding start-up accounting. The Sleeter group focuses on providing professional services.

That is why it has gathered more than 700 professional accountants for the consultants of the Sleeter group so they could provide the best services. This website also has access to the QuickBooks guide and exams, which helps you prepare well at affordable prices.

The Blunt Bean Counter

The Blunt Bean Counter is a blog that offers businesses good advice about finances, taxes, and other basic monetary systems and accounting principles. It is more suitable for private companies with a high net-worth; however, it shows you the realistic view of the accounting world and helps you handle them, which can also be very helpful for start-up businesses.

The Economists

This website is slightly different from other websites. It tells you about accounting and focuses on the world’s politics and cultures and how that affects the business’s finances. It shows a more economic view for a business which is also extremely important for start-up businesses. Moreover, this website conducts online and in-person events regarding the world of business finance.

Evergreen Small Business

This blog site was mainly made for small and new businesses to help them plan and pay taxes. This site is known for its post, “Using the Delphi Method for Small Business Problem Solving and Index Funds and Asset Allocation Even Better for the Wealthy?” founded by Steve Nelson. He is very experienced and has specialized in the accounting field. Everyone finds helpful about this site because it has a separate section for answering questions regarding basic accounting transactions.