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Key Concepts

Cloud Computing

In simplest terms, cloud computing is the use of various services over the internet that includes servers, software, databases, networking, storage, server development platforms, etc. It is often referred to as ‘the cloud’, which means it is the delivery of on-demand computing resources that cover an extensive range of computing activities and services—everything from applications, servers to remote storage and networking on a subscription basis. Companies that offer these computing services are predominantly known as ‘cloud providers’ that charge their customers on the basis of usage and storage. Gone are the days when cloud computing and business process outsourcing were mere concepts. Now, they have been embraced by organizations of all scales at a massive level—from tiny entrepreneurial business ventures to global corporations. Th top reasons why they have been embraced by companies include cost-effectiveness, minimal management efforts, and elastic resources.

Business Process Outsourcing

BPO, also referred to as information technology enabled services (ITES), is the subset or type of outsourcing that involves contracting of the specific crucial task to a third-party computing vendor or service provider. It includes back-office operations and responsibilities such as payroll, HR (human resources), accounting, etc.  It can also handle front-office (tech support) to third-party vendors so that businesses can invest more time in core business activities.  BPO, together with cloud computing, has achieved immense popularity since their inception and they both have become more of a need that ensures enormous organizational growth and success. In short, it’s all about bolstering the competition and enhancing value chain engagement in order to achieve business process speed and efficiency.

A Need of Modern Times

Cloud computing and business process outsourcing have evolved beyond an imaginable scale over the past decade. The Cloud, which was considered a mere concept not so long ago, is making waves in the industry today. Small businesses are the ones who have benefited the most, as they now have access to larger computing resources and high-performance infrastructure, which they could never dare to afford before. Since the high demand of the ‘cloud’ has led to numerous innovations, organizations, no matter what scale, are prioritizing to acquire superior cloud-based services and computing resources for increasing business process speed and efficiency.

Cloud Computing and Business Process Outsourcing—Done Right!

Finding the right strategic fit has become an intimidating task, especially for entrepreneurial start-up ventures. Small-scale businesses usually lack market knowledge, skills, proper information and experience, which restricts them in finding a suitable computing service provider. As a rule of thumb, the better the service, the higher the expectations, the higher the results. This means that acquiring the right service is absolutely necessary if you expect to achieve significant results in terms of improved business processes and value chain engagement.

3 Impacts of Cloud Computing on Business Process Outsourcing

Ease of Access and Use

Cloud computing is an innovative technology that allows greater flexibility to businesses. What businesses can do is they can outsource their operations and responsibilities to third-party vendors who are responsible and accountable for your back-office (billings) and front-office (tech support). All you need to do is hire the right strategic fit that would manage and control things on your behalf, allowing you to focus on core business affairs. There are predominantly two goals that companies, small or large, always strive to achieve: speed and efficiency. Therefore, cloud computing has not only provided businesses an innovative technology to boost performance and productivity but it has also made things convenient and far more efficient than ever.

Quick and Accurate Reporting

The cloud may be perceived differently by people but those who know it well, know its strategic significance. For elevating the performance and productivity of the business, the cloud has made things working for every business. The data operators or web service providers with innovative computing techniques and defined processes allow you to focus on core aspects of the business while they take care of the rest. Moreover, business process outsourcing provides you with quick results, which means they can be monitored or tracked on a real-time schedule. Plus, you would be surprised to know that cloud computing and its results are accurate, which makes it the biggest motivation for businesses to embrace and integrate it into their business.

Speed and Efficiency

No matter how much one may argue, BPO allows you greater command and control over the entire process. The world is moving to newer and more improved processes. You can only expect to survive if your businesses processes are beautifully created, supported and executed in their right order. With cloud computing, which provides speed and efficiency, you can be on top of your business!


Businesses can only expect to sustain their competitive advantage if they integrate technology into their business operations. Undoubtedly, cloud computing has changed the entire dynamic of the web world and has eased businesses up to an unimaginable scale. Now, you can use business process outsourcing techniques to increase business efficiency, speed, performance and, hence, overall productivity.

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