10 Ways To File Your Taxes For Free

10 Ways To File Your Taxes For Free- Complete Controller

While often considered tedious, paying taxes is a fundamental responsibility with critical implications. Failure to comply can result in severe consequences. Fortunately, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has recognized that a significant portion of taxpayers, precisely 70 percent, are eligible to file federal taxes without incurring any costs. This initiative aims to alleviate the financial burden on a substantial portion of the population, promoting compliance and ensuring that individuals can fulfill their tax obligations without unnecessary financial strain. This acknowledgment by the IRS underscores the importance of providing accessible avenues for taxpayers to perform their duties while emphasizing the potential dangers of neglecting this essential task in the long term.Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

Here is a comprehensive list of options you can explore to file your taxes for free:

IRS Paper Forms

Out of all the options, filling out the IRS paper tax form and filing it by mail is the simplest. And while the documents and filing are free, the individual still has to pay the stamp price. You can find the suitable tax filing form on the IRS website, in libraries, or at post offices. 

IRS Free File Fillable Forms

Individuals who do their taxes but prefer to avoid working on paper can utilize freefile fillable forms. People can approach these forms through the IRS website. It also shows up with simple guidelines, and as a plus point, there are no limitations to the income of the individuals. 


One way to file federal and state return taxes is through TurboTax’s Federal Free Edition software, in which state tax returns may cost extra to individuals. The individual is supposed to upload the W-2 as a file or photo, and the TurboTax software will fill in the appropriate fields mechanically. TurboTax asks questions to get the return and sends an electronic file. TurboTax is available through Free File Alliance and can electronically file state and federal tax returns for eligible taxpayers for free. Moreover, the TurboTax online help center is accessible to answer queries 24/7. 

H&R Block Free File

You can use H&R Block to file free e-file taxes online. Individuals can file their taxes for federal and state tax returns for free. The H&R Block’s filing process sends the completed return to the Internal Revenue Service. The H&R Block is free for the first time if you utilize it to understand the working process of the software. It is comprehensive in filing the taxes.CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

eSmart Tax

eSmart Tax provides a simple yet free version for tax returns with free chat support with their experts. Individuals can easily construct their rivals’ W-2 and last year’s tax returns. The individuals can also file last-minute amendments if they want to alter them.


TaxSlayer offers systematic guidelines for filing taxes for federal returns for free. Individuals are provided W-2s and can import their PDFs. The state return will cost some money even though the filing is free. It works on all devices and has free email and phone support. 


With the Free File Alliance, FileYourTaxes.com provides free federal returns. FileYourTaxes.com offers filings in the payroll tax, information return, business tax, etc. The simple tax return forms are free, but customer support restricts the questions and answers on the web page. 

FreeTaxUSA’s Software 

The software of FreeTaxUSA offers free-of-cost federal tax returns and assists in small businesses, itemized deductions, rental property, and investments. Free customer service is accessible to the free tax filers. However, audit assistance amended returns and priority support for those who have paid for the upgraded version. 

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Jackson Hewitt 

The free version of Jackson Hewitt offers several levels of tax software, including federal and state tax returns. Jackson Hewitt does not necessitate a precise income; however, their free subscription only supports the more straightforward tax return, which comprises interest income, a W-2, and all unemployment income. The upgraded version you must buy includes self-employment, dependents, student loan interest, and numerous extra circumstances.  


The free version of 1040.com is available from the IRS website, which assists with more complex returns and comes with stricter requests. 1040.com provides tax preparations through an interview and an automatic state return. The simple federal taxes are filed for free, and to qualify, the individual will have to state that there are no dependents. 


In conclusion, paying taxes is essential; it is a responsibility with far-reaching consequences for those who fail to comply. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recognizes the significance of this obligation and has made strides to assist taxpayers by providing free filing options.

Ultimately, this comprehensive guide highlights the importance of tax compliance and emphasizes the dangers of neglecting this essential task in the long term. By providing accessible and cost-free filing options, the IRS encourages taxpayers to fulfill their duties and navigate the tax filing process easily.

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