what to expect

Note: Delays can occur if you are not available or we need to complete custom scopes of work to get you up and running.
Some examples of custom scopes:
  • clean-up/catch-up work
  • conversion from one version or program to another

Utilizing the latest in password vault technology we create, gather, and anonymously share your critical financial accesses with your team. Your security is our top priority and we have strict standards of care for these credentials.

We gather as much documentation as possible during this time. It may seem overwhelming but it will prevent us from being bothersome in the future. Depending on your service level some critical documents we may request include:

  Tax Returns
  Paid Receipts
  Entity formation
  Payroll records
  HR records
  Vendor W9s
  Sale receipts
  Anything you want stored in your filing cabinet

We are going to want to learn as much as we can about the entity for which we are providing bookkeeping services. We need to understand your current flow of information, schedule and point of contact for handling tasks. We will chime in with recommendations for best practices as we learn.

You will come to know and trust your Bookkeeper + Controller team. If for any reason you wish to change teams, please let us know so that we can accommodate you.