product LP – smart AP


Vendor Bill Management & Payment System

Secure – Simple Solution

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  • Send us your vendor bills by scan or picture.
  • We enter them into QuickBooks™️.
  • We post class divisions and job costing as needed.
  • On your pre-scheduled payables run day, you receive a link to review your unpaid bills.
  • You also receive your cash balance.
  • Login to SmartAP with dual authentication from your phone or Complete Controller desktop.
  • Review the bills and click to approve the ones you want to pay.
  • Payments can be made by check, ACH, or Credit Card.
  • ACH Pay is free and anonymized for worry free banking.

SmartAP is fully integrated with your bank account so all payments will reconcile perfectly to your bank statement – no lump sum withdrawals to unravel!

SmartAP is included with all accrual basis service plans.