product LP – R&D tax credits

Tax Credits for Research and Development May Be Available to You!

Common R&D Industries Include:

 Software & App Development
 Scientific/Professional sub-groups
 Other Employers

Examples of R&D Activities

Developing software/coding to use internally or sell
Researching product and material alternatives
Developing/designing new products, processes, formulations, systems
Developing new/improved manufacturing processes
Developing prototypes or pilot models
Hiring 3rd party employees to develop software on their behalf
Modifying or redesigning existing processes or systems
Developing or applying for patents for products/processes
Directly supporting/supervising research activities
Purchase of supplies to support R&D activities

Do you qualify for R&D (or other) tax credits? If anything below applies to you, please contact us for assistance on claiming your credits.

R&D Tax Credits

You're implementing a new product or process
You employ multiple engineers, software developers or hard scientists (chemists, biologists, etc)
You purchased new machinery or equipment
Your primary industry is: manufacturing, machine shops, tools and dies, foundries, software design, agricultural, pharmaceutical
You have federal and/or state income tax liability

Job Tax Credits (Varies by State)

Client added/plans to add at least 20 net new, full time jobs
Client does not work in the retail / service sector
Client has income tax liability in State of job creation

Training Tax Credits (Varies by State)

Client undertook significant employment training for 75-100 employees during the year
Client has income tax liabilty in State of training

WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit)

You hire 150 or more employees each year (replacement or new employees)
You're in retail, hospitality and/or food service
You hire low income employees, veterans or ex-offenders
Client has federal income tax liability

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