LP – protection


Did you know?
The best way to protect yourself as a professional service provider is to form an s-corporation.



Legal Protections

  Bears the brunt of risk associated with the work you do. Limits personal liability.
  Your personal assets like your home, car, or savings are protected.
  No state residency requirements. Pick your state to incorporate.


Accounting Perks

  Flow through taxation. Protection of a corporation without the double taxation.
  Great income splitting potential. Take a reasonable salary and the rest in tax free distributions.
  Save on Social Security and Medicare.
  Unlimited number of management (that means you can hire your spouse and kids).
  Fringe benefits (college classes, business travel) and retirement benefits. Think 401(k)


How to Proceed

As a Complete Controller contractor, you qualify for wholesale pricing on our entity formation services. That means you can get a full entity formation and corporate notebook for a fraction of the cost of an attorney service. Complete the form below to let us know if you would like a quote for your professional services business.


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