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Welcome to our Knowledge Base. We want to empower you to have the best experience with Complete Controller. Take a look at our topic menu to the left and select the area you want to learn. Remember that your accounting team is always available to help. To reach them, simply call the number on the contact card shown on your Complete Controller platform or call 866.443.8879 and press 0 for general assistance.

We use the popular and reliable QuickBooks apps for all client accounting services. Complete Controller is an Intuit Elite ProAdvisor member, so we get the best possible pricing on QuickBooks™️ products under our firm. That's why you will want us to manage your QuickBooks™️ Online subscription – significant savings! Here's our promise: as long as you are our client, we will be looking for ways to save you money.

Our customers need to be subscribed to the QuickBooks™️ Online Plus or higher product so we can properly run reports, manage vendors and 1099s, and perform important functions within the books. We are experts in all versions of QBO, including QuickBooks™️ Online Advanced, and many of the integrated apps that keep your business running. If you think you should be operating in a different version of QuickBooks™️, we can help you decide if upgrading or downgrading is a good idea.

QuickBooks™️ users can be added or deleted upon request. We can even limit user permissions within your QuickBooks™️ file. For example, if you want a user to have access to only specific areas of QuickBooks™️, such as customer invoicing, but not other areas, like payroll or bank balances, we can do that. It is best practice for each user to have their own login to QuickBooks™️ to facilitate an accurate audit trail of actions performed by each user.

QB File Migrations and Conversions
We will assist you in securely migrating your bookkeeping data and existing electronic records to us during your onboarding phase. Whether you are using spreadsheets, non-QuickBooks™️ software, or nothing at all, we will help you convert to the version of QuickBooks™️ Online that best suits you. Conversions and migrations often require file preparation prior to and after the data is moved. We are happy to provide these services as a custom hourly request.

CPA Access
We LOVE working with CPAs, EAs, and other tax and planning professionals that can help you meet your financial goals. In fact, we provide them with access to your QuickBooks file and eFiling Cabinet so you aren't stuck sending them a bunch of paperwork at tax time. We reach out to your CPA during the Onboarding Phase of your service because they can be helpful to the process and we want them to know that we are there to support them and you. Of course, we get your permission before giving anyone access to anything, and you can revoke access any time you like.

Bookkeeping Services
Complete Controller provides a variety of bookkeeping services ranging from light account reconciliation and reporting to full-charge/full-cycle bookkeeping, including process streamlining, budgeting, customer invoicing, payment processing and bank deposits, vendor bill management and payment, 1099 filings, sales reconciliations, sales tax filings, payroll management, custom reporting, departmentalization, periodic and adjusting entries. If you do not see something you need, just ask.

Team Roles
Every client is assigned a dedicated Bookkeeper + Controller team. They work cohesively to provide excellent service and ensure that there is always someone available to perform the tasks you require. The Controller will lay the groundwork during onboarding, identify needs, discuss internal processes and controls, develop strategies for streamlining and increasing efficiency, and provide oversight and support to the Bookkeeper. The Bookkeeper will be your go-to for tasks to be completed on a day-to-day basis, AR (invoicing and collecting payments), AP (managing and paying vendor bills), payroll, and periodic closing. At the close of every period, your Controller and Bookkeeper review your books, records, and reports together to make sure we are giving you our very best work.

Service Plans
Our bookkeeping service plans are based on frequency. If at any time you find yourself requiring more frequent attention than is offered by your package, you can scale up to the next level or purchase more services as a Custom Hourly Request. If you find yourself needing to scale back, you can just as easily reduce your service package to fit your budget better. You can view all of our Service Plans and see what is included in each one by visiting our website's Pricing & Signup page.

During the onboarding phase for each entity, we will gather critical information and documents, make connections with your financial institutions, business services, and CPA, develop roles for each team member and processes to follow for the efficient flow of information to and from Complete Controller. Our success depends greatly upon how invested the client is in this process; if everyone involved is supportive, responsive, and collaborative, you will have the most satisfactory results from the Complete Controller experience. Internal staff resistance is the number 1 cause of failure to accomplish a successful and fruitful launch of any new solution.

Talk2cc Email
Every client is assigned a custom email address to use when communicating with their Complete Controller team. The talk2cc email address should only be provided to your internal team members that you trust to communicate directly with us. It will direct the team for directives, requests, document submissions, and appointment scheduling.

Process Streamlining
It is rarely possible to create profitability and scalability without consistent financial practices and internal controls. That is why we at Complete Controller are eager to help you develop systems and processes that will ease the flow of information to us and allow us to provide you with an accurate and timely portrayal of your entity’s performance. It is one of our top priorities, and for each client, process streamlining will differ. This is an area in which our success is directly proportionate with the clients' willingness to adopt and implement protocols and deadlines that fit their unique needs while creating efficiency by eliminating one-off events and exceptions to the norm. If you get pushback from staff or vendors, you can blame us for putting new rules and tools into play!

Every period we follow strict closing processes and then prepare a full report package for each of the entities we serve. Every client is different, and you may decide that you want to add or remove reports from your periodic package. Simply let your bookkeeping team know your preferences. We can also add or remove recipients from the report distribution list upon request.

Class Divisions
Many clients like to see their household or business books broken down by division. For example, you might want your spouse’s earnings and expenses to be separate from yours, or you might have a side business or some rental properties that you are tracking on your personal books. Businesses use class divisions all of the time to separate out reporting for different locations or different departments within a business. A good example is a landscaping company that tracks separate divisions for lawn maintenance contracts, tree trimming, and fixed fee landscape installations. They will most likely use class divisions as well as job costing to give them a clear picture of their performance in each department and for each job.

Job Costing
It is often important to track income and costs to a particular customer or job or prepare a job budget. Gathering that level of detail can seem like a monumental task, but Complete Controller has templates, forms, tools, and tried and true processes. Whether you are running a service and repair business, operating a law firm, or performing custom manufacturing, we can help you to put the right tools and processes in place to capture the data we need for excellent job costing. Proper job costing is critical to WIP calculations and purchasing management, but many companies forgo this vital process because they do not have the tools to track costs efficiently. We can help.

Custom Hourly Requests
We perform a variety of accounting functions for our clients. If a task is not included in the base service plan, that does not mean we cannot perform it. Many services are not appropriate for inclusion in a flat rate package because the time commitment required to perform them is undeterminable. These services are performed as Custom Hourly Requests and billed in 15-minute increments. We will always inform you if we are providing a service that falls within the Custom Hourly Request billing structure and gets your approval before proceeding. Custom Hourly Requests will be invoiced monthly and will be accompanied by a description of the services provided. If you have questions about a Custom Hourly Request charge on your invoice, reply to the invoicing email with a request for clarification. Our Account Services department will be happy to research the charges and provide you with our record of your request and approval for us to proceed.

Customer Invoicing
Timely invoicing and payment collection is critical to cash flow, and many clients utilize Complete Controller to prepare their customer invoicing. We have experience with invoicing for many industries, including some tricky ones like law firms, construction projects, AIA and government contracts, concierge services, and multi-door real estate investments. We do not perform medical billing, but we do reconcile the medical billing reports to our medical office accounts to ensure accuracy. The key to timely and accurate invoicing is the establishment of a reliable and predictable flow of information to your bookkeeping team. We will help you develop a custom plan for efficiently gathering all of the pieces that are critical for inclusion, compiling the invoices, and getting approval to send. We can send your invoices using a mailing service or direct email. We can process incoming payments and even set you up to allow customers to pay directly or on a recurring basis using our Collect Payments terminal. By the way, you do not need to have us prepare your customer invoicing in order to use the Collect payment terminal – that is a separate (very cool) tool for you to activate if you want to. See our Collect Payments terminal section in this Knowledge Base to learn more.

Payroll Management
There are several facets to payroll management services, and our clients may avail themselves of all, some or none of them, depending upon their unique needs. Receiving and distilling time records, reporting wages to the payroll processing company, recording accruals and paychecks on the books by employee, department, task, and reconciling the payroll withdrawal to the detail reporting to ensure accuracy.

Payroll Setup
Payroll setup can be challenging and time-consuming. If it is done right, it will function beautifully within your books and deliver the critical report data you need. If not, it will result in hours of rebuild and clean-up to get it right. Your Complete Controller team will set up your payroll within the books and assist with payroll processor requests and conversions as a custom hourly request. The good news is that we do this every day, so we know what to watch for and how to get it done efficiently. If you are thinking about establishing payroll or changing your current processor, be sure to visit the Payroll Portal in your CAS-i Platform Concierge Center or email your team at the talk2cc email address so we can help you shop and choose the right solution for your needs and budget.

Certified Payroll
Some of our clients provide services under government contracts or local municipalities, requiring payroll certification reporting. Anyone who has prepared certified payroll knows that it is a tricky and time-consuming process that can turn the preparation of an otherwise simple invoice preparation into a full-time job. We have a tool and process that reduces this task to a matter of minutes and generates the most generally accepted certified payroll reports for you. Simply let us know if you would like to set up certified payroll management and, if we see that you are going it alone, we will be sure to offer our help.

Training Services
The best way to train is in your own books on your own processes. A QuickBooks™️ class at the local college or online might be helpful, but you cannot always ensure that you will learn the skills you need. Your Controller is available to train you, within your own books, in QuickBooks™️ skills, accounting processes, and financial controls. To request training services, simply email your team at the talk2cc address and ask to schedule a training appointment.

Meetings to review your financials and discuss strategy with your team are an important part of the bookkeeping process. One half-hour meeting each period is included in your service plan, and additional meetings are available as a custom hourly request. In order to ensure efficient and constructive use of your time, all meetings require an agenda and must address outstanding issues prior to moving on to new topics for discussion. To request a meeting, simply email your team at the talk2cc email address and ask to schedule a meeting.

Sales Tax Filings
We will help gather information and prepare sales tax filings as a custom hourly request. If you have multiple entities, this service may be subject to set fee pricing. There are also many sales tax software that will integrate with your QuickBooks™️ file seamlessly, and we can help you to pick one that best suits your needs.

Advanced Services
Many clients benefit from regular cash flow analysis, forecasting, budgeting, onsite evaluations, integrated application coordination, and custom reports. These and other advanced services are available upon request. To request an advanced service, simply email your team at the talk2cc email address and ask about the services you desire.

Clients may terminate service with 30-days’ notice to or to the talk2cc email address. If you are subscribed to a cash basis plan, the final full subscription charge will be due upon receipt of the termination notice. For accrual-basis plans, the final subscription charge will be pro-rated to only include the days that fall within the 30-day period. Upon completion of the 30-day period, your books and records will be packaged for pickup by you so that they can be restored off of the hosted environment.

Electronic Document Storage
Secure financial document storage is an important part of audit readiness, human resource compliance, HIPAA compliance, and records accessibility. As businesses trend away from paper record-keeping and toward office virtualization, the need for a reliable, consistent, and secure storage model is a necessity.

Storing Records
As part of our service, your Complete Controller team will gather critical financial statements, reports, vendor bills, tax filings, and records (otherwise known as source documents) to support the transactions that are recorded to your books. We provide you with an eFiling Cabinet where these will be stored. All documents will be stored in the IRS accepted pdf format.

Action Items
Every customer has an Action Items area where work in progress is stored. If a document is in your Action Items, it has a task attached to it that has not yet been completed. Examples of Action Items are bank statements, deposits, or payroll runs waiting to be reconciled, vendor bills waiting to be paid, custom reports waiting to be updated, and directives waiting for completion.

Drop Documents Here
On your Complete Controller platform, you will find a Drop Documents Here link for each entity where you can drop documents for processing and filing. This document drop is a secure alternative to sending documents to your team by email. Only pdf-type files may be placed in the Incoming Documents, and your bookkeeping team will be notified when documents are dropped. Be sure to use the naming rules contained in your Getting Started Guide to keep your documents searchable. If you do not have time to name the documents properly yourself, we are happy to do it for you as a custom hourly request.

eFiling Cabinet
Each entity we serve will have an eFiling Cabinet where source documents will be stored. All of the documents in the eFiling Cabinet are filed by your Complete Controller team and available to be viewed by you, authorized members of your team, and your tax preparer. Proper use of the eFiling Cabinet ensures that all required source documents are accessible during the tax preparation or audit. There is no limit to the electronic document storage provided to each entity we serve as long as the documents fall within the qualification of financial source documents.

Structure & Search
The eFiling Cabinet is structured just like a paper filing cabinet. A document can easily be found by its purpose, type, date, amount, or name. The entire eFiling Cabinet is searchable.

Limited Permissions
You may have a staff member, family member, or auditor that you would like to grant access to your eFiling Cabinet but limit that access to only certain types of documents such as paid receipts. We can help with establishing a limited permissions user to protect the sensitive documentation you do not want to share.

Smart AP
The SmartAP app is available to any entities that are subscribed to an accrual basis bookkeeping plan. SmartAP is a vendor bill management and payment system that allows us to efficiently and accurately manage your incoming vendor bills, post them to QuickBooks™️, and provide you with an interface to view your unpaid bills and approve each for payment. SmartAP acts just like an online banking backend, so it will integrate perfectly with your bank and will not require you to use your bank's bill pay service through their website. Our goal is to provide you with the protection and efficiency afforded by online banking without the cost.

The SmartAP workflow begins when you send an unpaid vendor bill to your team at the talk2cc email address. The bill will be entered into QuickBooks™️, and job costed or divided by class as necessary. On the date of your scheduled check run you will receive a link to view all of the unpaid bills that we have received and posted. You will log in to SmartAP to review the listed bills, view the pdf of each bill as desired, make notes for us, and select the ones you want to mark as approved. The approval process can be structured to allow you to process the payments or upon receiving your approval, we will process your payments for you.

SmartAP Setup
Clients that subscribe to our accrual basis service plans will be set up for SmartAP during onboarding. If you decide to upgrade from a cash basis service plan, your setup will occur at the time of upgrade. Setup is quick and easy; it simply involves a signature capture and establishment of a client login to SmartAP. If you wish to enroll to send free ACH payments through SmartAP, you will be required to complete additional paperwork. No setup is required by your bank in order to use SmartAP’s popular payment options. If you wish to utilize your bank’s ACH processing through SMartAP, you will be subject to your bank’s fees for those services.

Forms of Payment
SmartAP allows bill payments by check, credit card, domestic ACH, or wire. Wire processing is subject to a $25 fee for domestic and a $30 fee for international and will require enhanced approval. Credit card payments may be made only to vendors that accept credit card payments, and they are a great way to earn points on your charges. Certain specialized industries, recognized as highly regulated by the industry code on the entities tax return, are unable to utilize SmartAP ACH or wire payment features. If in doubt, ask your accounting team to learn more.

Submitting Bills
SmartAP subscribers send their scanned vendor bills to the talk2cc email address. It is best to send the bills as they arrive in the mail. Holding onto a vendor bill can result in costly late payments. Clients should submit all bills by the check run deadline to ensure inclusion on the unpaid bills report. Subscribers to bi-monthly accounts payable management services should submit all bills for the 15th check run by midnight on the 10th and submit all bills for the 1st check run by midnight on the 25th. Subscribers to weekly accounts payable management services should submit all bills by midnight on Friday for the Tuesday check run. All exceptions will be handled as custom hourly requests.

Approve & Pay Options
There are three options for vendor bill approval and payment. Each client will choose the option that best suits their unique needs:

Budgeted Approval
This is a common method for operations that are owned by investors, absentee owners, or busy operators. A budget is established annually that predicts the spending in all approved areas by month. As long as the vendors' bills that are submitted each period do not exceed the budgeted amount, they are approved and paid by your Complete Controller team. This helps to avoid delays and keep the operation running smoothly. Any budget exceptions are subject to approval by a person that has been designated by the owner (or the owner themselves), and without that approval, they will not be added to the unpaid bills report or paid. The designated approver or owner will receive a notification when a budget exception occurs, and it will be their responsibility to follow up with the vendor and Complete Controller to provide the approval or dispute the charge. Complete Controller cannot be responsible for budget exceptions that are neglected or ignored by the client. The same party is not allowed to both entering and authorized payment on a vendor bill. This option will require your Complete Controller Bookkeeper to enter the bills and your Complete Controller Controller to approve and pay the bills.

Authorized Party Approval
The method separates duties between the two-member Complete Controller team, so your payables approval process meets rigorous accounting standards. When this method is selected, your Complete Controller-assigned Bookkeeper will enter all vendor bills that are submitted by the client and their team to the talk2cc email address. When the unpaid bills report is ready, the client or an authorized party will review and approve the bills for payment. Your Complete Controller assigned Controller will then login and process payment on those bills on the scheduled check run date. This option is helpful for clients that want to view and approve every vendor bill but do not want to process payments until the check run date or for clients that want an authorized party to approve every vendor bill without giving that party the ability to process payments.

Personal Pay
This method is identical to Authorized Party Approval in that all vendor bills submitted by the client and their team to the talk2cc email address will be posted. When the unpaid bills report is ready, the client will personally review the bills and process payments. This option gives the client the most control over the payments that are being transmitted from their bank accounts and credit cards and is preferred by clients that are cash flow sensitive. While it is the safest option, it may not be the most effective option for operators that are too busy to keep track of processing the payments in a timely manner.

MyBookkeeper APP
The MyBookkeeper APP lets clients use their phone or tablet to securely authenticate their access to the Complete Controller cloud and has lots of great features for managing your business or busy household finances.
The APP can be downloaded by visiting your Apple or Android APP store and searching MyBookkeeper, and downloading the APP using the code: TALK2CC. Want to see how it works? Check out our video:

App Features
The MyBookkeeper App includes a wide range of useful financial features. See below for more information.

  Mileage Tracker
Yes, you are supposed to track your mileage – this nifty tool will make it easy.

APR, Loans, Mortgages, Savings, and Currency Conversions

  Manage and Export Receipts
Efficiently capture and send vendor bills, paid receipts, and sales records to the talk2cc address for processing and/or filing by your Complete Controller team. The APP automates expense reporting and reimbursement for all of your team members.

  Document Scanner
My Bookkeeper App doubles as a scanner, allowing you to create and scan, share and store documents securely on the device and in the cloud for quick and easy access, wherever you are.

SmartAP web access for vendor bill review and approval (see SmartAP section to learn more about this nifty vendor billing management and payment system).

  eFiling Cabinet
Access your vital financial documents on any connected device using strict security and governance provided by Box™.

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Learn about the latest options for processing payments for less. Our merchant solutions integrate with QuickBooks™ and carry a meet or beat promise so you will never have to switch again.

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Payroll Portal
If you do not have a payroll processor, you can use the portal to see our list of processing partners and the services they offer. Let us know if you are ready to establish payroll or change processors – we can help smooth the process and get the best possible pricing.

Payroll Processing vs. Payroll Management
Payroll processing is the calculation of gross pay, impounds, garnishments, tax withholdings, employer burden, benefits, and more to produce net paychecks for your employees. Processing also includes the preparation and filing of federal and state payroll tax forms. Complete Controller does not provide payroll processing; we rely on processing partners for those services. We do provide payroll management services (see Payroll Management), and all clients engaging in payroll management will be required to have a payroll processor.

Processing Partners
Complete Controller has pre-established relationships with reputable payroll processors so that our clients may enjoy the benefits of the best pricing, a dedicated service team, and expedited service. Sign up for payroll processing directly through your payroll portal to enjoy these perks and ensure that Complete Controller will have direct access to your payroll data for smooth implementation and servicing.

Using Non-Partner Processor
Sometimes clients come to us with a processor in place, and they want to stay with that processor for the foreseeable future. We are happy to work with non-partner processors. Meanwhile, it is important to keep in mind that limited technical abilities may compromise their ability to deliver import data for QuickBooks™️, properly manage departmentalization and job costing on imports, allowing on-demand access to reports and tax filings, and communicate openly with your Complete Controller team. While all of these things can be worked around, be aware that doing so may cost you custom hourly charges as a result.

Payroll Management
The payroll processor for each entity will be included as a app on your CAS-i platform. This direct access point to your payroll processing company’s web login is where you go to enter payroll data, calculate final paychecks, and access federal and state filings. Your Complete Controller team uses the payroll processor access to perform those same tasks for you if you are subscribed to Payroll Management services. We also utilize this access to download payroll data into QuickBooks™️ and reconcile it for you.

Collect Payments Terminal
The Collect payments terminal on your desktop allows you to receive payments from your customers with total integration to QuickBooks™️ (if you want it) or as a stand-alone product that can be used for the key in entries or as the backend to a POS system or phone swipe. When your terminal is active, it will open when you click the shortcut, and you will be able to begin running payments immediately. It can be set up to process recurring payments or even single batches containing multiple different forms of payment. Its flexibility and integration with QuickBooks™️ allow you to manage Accounts Receivable seamlessly, and (if you are the hands-off type) your Complete Controller team can run customer payments for you (see customer Invoicing). Let's not forget the most important part – a merchant account backs our Collect payments terminal with a meet or beat promise – if we take you on, you will never need to switch again. If you find a better deal, let us know, and we will meet or beat it, allowing you to stay put and save the effort of making another change.

How to Activate
When your Collect payments terminal is inactive, the desktop shortcut will take you to a landing page where you can request an application. Send in your request, and we will schedule your signup appointment. The over the phone signup process is quick and easy, and you will be on your way to accepting payments in no time. Once you receive your approval, your team will need to request a plug-in activation through tech before everything will work as planned. Forward the approval to your team at the talk2cc email address and let them know that you are ready to have your plug-in installed.

QuickBooks™️ Integration
The Collect payments terminal will integrate with your QuickBooks™️ file when the QuickBooks™️ file and Collect payments terminal are open. Utilize the terminal to manage incoming payments, and all activity will be shared between the two platforms. This means that every payment you receive will automatically update your Account Receivable balance for the customer and for your company. If the payments are flowing directly into the checking account register, a setting in your QuickBooks™️ company preferences needs to be changed to 'Use Undeposited Funds.' Your Complete Controller team can assist with changing these settings to meet your needs.

POS Integration
Our techies will need to make sure your account is set up properly and supply you with any processing equipment that you do not already have for POS integration. Email your team at the talk2cc email address to let them know that you need a POS integration, and they will make sure a tech reaches out to you to schedule an appointment for your integration.

E-Commerce Integration
Our techies will need to make sure your account is set up properly and connected to your e-commerce platform for web integration. Email your team at the talk2cc email address to let them know that you need a POS integration, and they will make sure a tech reaches out to you to schedule an appointment for your integration.

Multiple Merchant Accounts
Not everyone will feel comfortable taking a trusted dive into a new merchant processing system when they already have one that is getting the job done. Using the Collect payments terminal does not preclude you from also keeping and using any other merchant processing account you have. Although, we should warn you that you will not want to use your old one anymore. Remember our promise: We will always look for ways to save you money.

CAS-i Platform
You are busy building your empire and that's why we have created a platform where all of your back-office tools are in one place. Our platform's name is CAS-i (kas-see) and it stands for Client Accounting Services Intelligence. With CAS-i you have access to QuickBooks Online, e-Filing Cabinet, SmartAP, your financial institutions, payroll processor, payment processor, and more. No more logging into separate sites and digging for passwords, CAS-i makes it a cinch to operate your business from any connected device. We will get you all set up and customize CAS-i to meet your needs as soon as you have completed the onboarding phase of your services.

Report Card
Each entity on your CAS-i platform will have a Report Card to help you quickly determine if there are outstanding items on your books that need attention. Your goal is to have an A+ which means everything is in good order. If you don't have that top score, simply take a look at your Report Card and take action on the items that are pulling down your grade.

Password Vault
Complete Controller utilizes secure password vault technology to store credentials for our customers' financial institutions, payroll companies, merchant accounts, POS systems, and other critical financial sources. Those credentials are not disclosed to your Bookkeeper but are encrypted and shared so they can be used to gain login access to necessary statements, downloads, and source documents without compromising client security. We encourage you to vault your passwords also. Visit the Concierge Center in CAS-i to download LastPass, the award-winning password vault solution that will make sure you never forget a password again.

Concierge Center
In CAS-i you will find a Concierge Center full of links to valuable resources for you and your business. Take some time to explore, download LastPass, find out what your business is worth, start building business credit, shop business services, even request customizations to CAS-i.