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Recent Testimonials from Clients

Complete Controller has been fantastic. I gave a glowing Yelp review yesterday!
Brian Lee
Relion LLC
Business Owner
I am really happy with my team and even more happy all of this is off my plate. You guys keep doing what you’re doing!
George Beasley
George Beasley Inc.
I am very happy with my services and my accounting team. You do a great job with my accounting and I’m very appreciative.
Doctor Tu, President
Humane Care Medical Group
Business Owner
Complete Controller has been wonderful, it allowed me to focus on my business and not worry so much about the accounting!
Eileen Hayden
Event Solutions
The onboarding was smoother than anticipated. My Controller is unbelievably good at what she does and even helped streamline some of my complex processes, I like everything I’m seeing so far, and you guys have exceeded my expectations.
Sean Cummings
Mokavia Aerospace, LLC
Everything is fantastic, my controller is so on top of it, has made the process very easy, and very insightful.
Tracy Olson
Todd Welty PC
My accounting team is great! They communicate better than past bookkeepers and help me with accounting processes in my business. The desktop is easy to access. I love the service!
Randy Tomlinson
Lab Society LLC
Business Owner
I would be dying if I didn’t have Complete Controller’s support, they help me run our back office. I love working with my Complete Controller accounting team because it feels like they are in my office with me. The communication is excellent……literally feels like they are right by my side. Thank you Complete Controller!
Lori Coria
Afters Ice Cream
 Business Owner
Y’all are amazing!
Happy Perez
 Business Owner
Thank you so much for being so understanding and cooperative with my craziness. This has been such a struggle for over 8 years and when I met Jennifer I finally saw the light. I knew things would get better! I can still see the light and I know we are so close…I just need to stop finding receipts everywhere I look. Once again thank you so much…I appreciate all your hard work!
Paola Anderson
Judi’s Pet Grooming
 Business Owner