To our fallen heroes  

Thank you for your sacrifice.

Today, June 6, 2019, we commemorate our fallen heroes who, 75 years ago, braved enemy fire to liberate Europe and restore freedom to the western world. For the veterans from the United States and our allied nations, those who are still alive and those who rest in peace, on the shores of France or at home, we are deeply honored by your courageous actions, and we pledge to never forget.
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A Brief Word


Dear Fellow Americans,

As you go about your day today, please join us in a moment of silence to memorialize the tens of thousands of soldiers, sailors and airman that risked everything to preserve the principles of liberty and freedom against the most tyrannical regimes in modern history. While we work in peace and safety, rememeber that young men, many less than 20, gave up both peace and safety - even their very lives - to participate in an epic and heroic struggle that shaped our modern world.

Remember also, the black and Japanese soldiers and sailors, fighting under the American flag, who cherished freedom so much they were willing to fight and die for something they were not even able to fully enjoy themselves.

In the end, though we proudly believe America is an exceedingly great country, it is not America itself that is perfectly pure and perfectly noble, as no country ever is. Rather, it is the founding ideas of America that illuminate the earth with a great good, specifically the belief that all men have intrinsic value in the eyes of God and are endowed unalienable rights that no tyrant, no government, has the authority or license to take away from them.

It is for this belief that those men landed on that beach in June 6, 1944, prepared to give up everything to liberate the people of Europe. May we always cherish the sacrifice they made for the cause of liberty, and may we be ever vigilant that the fires of freedom they lit 75 years ago never go out in America, Europe, and the world.

Never Forget!

From the entire team here at Complete Controller