Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Set-up?

All licenses and tech set-up for your Complete Controller secure accounting desktop including the QuickBooks program which is fully supported and updated annually at no additional cost. Gathering of critical source documents, verification of the balance sheet, establishing communication with vital team members including the Tax Accountant, and calendaring important financial dates to your business. Meetings and briefings as necessary to fully understand the nature of your accounting, recommendations for best practices, streamlining systems and processes, establishing needed peripheral services, and advising on what steps to take to meet your financial goals.

Will I be able to transfer my current records to Complete Controller?

Yes. If your books are currently kept in QuickBooks™ we will import your existing data file for a seamless transition. If you are using any other accounting program, or none at all, we will start your books with the trial balance from your prior fiscal year.

Who do I call with questions?

Complete Controller assigns a dedicated bookkeeper to each client so you will work with the same highly qualified bookkeeper on a day to day basis. We also provide complete technical support services and monthly controller review. Our entire team is available to serve your needs.

On how many computers can I load Complete Controller?

You can load Complete Controller on any computer you want to have access to your books and financial documents. Our program provides you with a secure channel to our server where we perform our work so you can login to your accounting desktop at anytime and see how your books are progressing. Many of our clients choose to allow their CPA, partners or assistants desktop access to ease the transfer of information between team members.

Can I decide how much control I have over my day to day financial management?

Complete Controller allows you to choose how involved you want to be in your daily financial management. Our bill payment service promotes healthy cash flow practices by grouping your payables into bi-monthly or weekly batches. You can choose to have us pay without prompting or to include you in the final approval process.

How do I send my financial information to my tax preparer, banker or investors?

Your Complete Controller accounting desktop can be made accessible to anyone you designate. Using tiered permissions we can control who accesses the desktop and what actions they are able to perform.

How do I send stuff to Complete Controller?

Every client is different and we provide several options for sending us your records. We have an in-house scanning department that will scan and rename everything you mail to us, you can use a scanning APP on your phone when you are on the go, and you can scan and email your docs to your dedicated Complete Controller team or simply drag and drop them onto your accounting desktop.

How easy is it to cancel service?

Although we will always strive to meet your accounting needs, you may decide to cancel service at some point. Cancellation is easy, simply send us a request and we will wrap up your service within the term that is dictated on your Service Agreement. We are a host and service provider but your bookkeeping data and paperless records belong to you. Upon cancellation, we return all of those items to you via FTP so you can restore or store them for safekeeping on your end.

What if I don’t like my accounting team – can I change?

We are known for our exemplary customer service but we understand that sometimes change is best. At Complete Controller it is easy and free to move away from your current team to a new one. If you just aren’t excited about your Bookkeeper, but love working with your Controller, we can simply move you to a new Bookkeeper within that same pod. If you want an entirely fresh start, we have many fabulous Controllers with skilled Bookkeepers in their pod that we can try.

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The Complete Controller team is very responsive, there are some special things I like to see on the books and Complete Controller always gets it right.

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Jesse Slater, CPA
As an accounting and tax professional and former IRS Field Agent we can meet any of our clients personal or business compliance needs. The biggest need in the SME market (our target market) is understanding the integral relationship to accounting and taxation. Good accounting leads to good (minimized) taxation. Our ...

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Shelvin E Byars, E.A.The Accountant on Call
“My service has been fantastic!”

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Terri-Lynn Vearer, ControllerAntistat
As an entrepreneur, whose sole purpose is to offer my clients creative solutions to essential business functions that often overwhelm small to mid size business owners, I am often searching for other such companies. Complete Controller has created tailored plans for my clients that will assist them with overcoming their ...

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Dawn SneedThe Olive Brand
My client used several bookkeeping services before finding Complete Controller. Complete Controller has been very nice work with and they have been extremely responsive. It is great to get good reporting and we are very happy with their work.

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I have been with Complete Controller for three years! You guys are so awesome, my dedicated team is on top of everything. I love getting my reports and my CPA has never been happier with the numbers. I recommend Complete Controller to all my colleagues and friends. If you are ...

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I enjoyed the work and really love the environment and structure of Complete Controller.

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Kelli Blount, CPA
CompleteController provides the bookkeeping and accounting solutions your Company needs.

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Angela Sales, CPA
Our client is extremely impressed with Complete Controller’s services!

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Thomas W. Kerl, CPAKerl and Co. CPA
I’ve tried other companies, I am glad to find something that works!

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