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QuickBooks Enterprise Set-up Premium (885)(perpetual enterprise license required)
Certified Payroll Set-up (375) (weekly payroll mgmt required for certified payroll)
Install Web-based Plugin on Hosted Desktop (35) (integration help available by custom hourly request)
Upgrade to weekly bill-pay service (145/mo) (available to Complete package subscribers only)
Standard invoicing & receivables service (165/mo)
Custom invoicing & receivables service (TBD typically 1% of gross billing or CHR)
Manage additional account or division by class (65/ea/mo)
Manage up to 40 additional payables (85/mo)
Additional user access (22/mo)
Limited permission access point (35/mo)
Financial Management Strategy Session (1,065/ea)
Payroll management for up to ten employees: Monthly (45/mo) Twice-monthly (85/mo) Weekly (145/mo)
BK or REO management premium (10% over base service fees)
Clean-up Catch-up Custom Hourly Request (65/hr)
On-Demand recorded training sessions (65/hr) (available to subscribers only)
Document scanning & renaming service (22/hr)

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