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Complete Controller is more than just a bookkeeping service. We are a complete accounting solution designed to meet your many financial needs. Our accounting platform and unique processes make comptroller expertise and reliable bookkeeping available and affordable to all.

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Accurate books are the foundation for any successful business or household. Just ask around and you will find that good Bookkeepers are hard to come by. At Complete Controller we vet all of our Bookkeepers carefully, testing their communication skills, multi-industry experience, QuickBooks acumen, and accounting prowess. You might find it interesting to learn that only 15% of candidates, having both a QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification and an accounting degree, can pass our skills test. The remaining 85% are still selling their services to unsuspecting clients for top dollar and can do more harm than good. Since it is generally cost prohibitive to hire a Bookkeeper and Controller team to work in collaboration, there is no oversight. So, it often isn’t until your Tax Accountant reviews the books at year end that you discover that the quality of work is low. At Complete Controller, we provide you with a highly trained, dedicated Bookkeeper who will work under the supervision and direction of a highly trained Controller to learn your business and become an indispensable team.
If a Bookkeeper is working in isolation, without oversight and guidance by a skilled Controller, you run the risk of poor work product, fraud, and coverage gaps. For that reason, separation of duties and peer review are essential financial management controls. Meanwhile, it is expensive to hire a Controller or a CFO to maintain work quality. Complete Controller provides you with a Bookkeeper + Controller team. Both learn your account, work together to help you streamline the flow of information to Accounting, produce financial statements, identify cost savings, offer QuickBooks and accounting training, guide you during the budgeting or job costing process, and go through period closing processes together. This is to mention just a few of their collaborative duties. Don’t take the risk of hiring a Bookkeeper without supervision or support. At Complete Controller our Controllers review your finances and work with you and your Bookkeeper to ensure efficient practices and accurate results.
Balancing timely payments to vendors and cash flow management is a challenge for most small businesses and households. Our accrual service clients enjoy full bill payment servicing which includes all or portions of AP Management work. This includes the vendor profile updates, W9 monitoring, vendor bill entry, unpaid bills reporting, cash position reporting, payment approval requests, and bill payment transmission either through the bank or prepared for printing locally for you to sign and send. Some clients request that we process payment on all submitted vendor bills as long as the pre-established budget is not exceeded. Others want to review the unpaid
bills report and cash position and select which bill they want us to pay. Still others wish to fully manage all vendor bills related to their client work and have us handle only the overhead bills. At Complete Controller we can customize an AP Management procedure that meets your needs and comfort level. We will help you to streamline the bill payment process, keep a strict audit trail so we can determine who paid what and when, and manage your vendor inquiries. We are proud to report that we have acquired new clients that were vendors of existing clients simply because they like the way AP was being managed under our care. They reported that the communication and timeliness related to the management of their bills to that client were drastically improved when we came on board. Such a compliment is an undeniable evidence of Complete Controller’s dedication to improving our client’s accounting processes and, as a result, their reputation with their vendors!
Many small business owners are busy with operations and leave their billing as something to be done later. Unfortunately, that leads to cash flow problems and can have a detrimental affect the growth and stability of your business. Instituting reliable and timely billing practices will help. We can structure and manage the timely billing of time or services so you have more predictable cash flow and free time. Whether we develop a more streamlined way for you to gather and record billable hours and costs, or we prepare the invoices for you to review, we can help you increase process efficiency and accuracy. Attorneys, consultants, landlords, maintenance plan providers such as pool and landscape services, and fee for service providers are our most popular billing services subscribers. For those whose invoicing is best serviced in-house, rely on your Complete Controller team to provide training so you can rest assured that the invoicing is handled properly so that your financial reports are accurate. This is the area where most business owners have trouble – they want to understand how to cost their jobs, measure progress against the contract and against the job budget, or determine their true margins, but all of these analysis are only made possible by reliable and accurate data collection from operations and perfect bookkeeping. That is where we shine!
These important tools for success are critical to measuring performance and detecting weaknesses in the financial health of your business or household. Based on your individual needs, your Complete Controller team can provide guidance so you build a reasonable projection of future earnings and spending. We help you learn the standard for your industry and develop a budget that makes sense. Then we enter the budget into your books so we can provide you with Budget vs. Actual reporting each period. Closely monitoring the areas where you experience variances will reveal areas of concern. Many times people think they know how much they spend or earn but when they look at the numbers on paper they find that they were mistaken. For example, household income should be reduced by the accrued taxes that will be owed on that income – if not, those taxes will be a surprise at the end of the year. Business owners most frequently under estimate the costs associated with slow collections and borrowing – if those are not factored into a budget, your actual performance and cash flow will be grossly impacted and you could find yourself unable to pay your bills even though you are technically ‘making money’. At Complete Controller, we are here to help you understand your finances and plan for the future.
Smart decisions are made by business owners and households that watch their trends and make decisions based on accurate data. Your Complete Controller team can prepare custom financial reports that are available on demand and packaged neatly for distribution each period. Every business or household has differing needs, profit and cost centers, key performance indicators, and/or critical ratios that they want to monitor closely. Restaurant clients like to see their profit & loss statements on a daily basis with food costs and labor costs calculated as a percentage of revenue. Labor costs are hard to capture on a daily basis – at Complete Controller, we know how to do this so our clients experience up to date job costing that they can rely upon. Real estate investors like to see all of the costs associated with the acquisition and rehab of each of their properties. At Complete Controller, we know when to carry this on the balance sheet and when it moves to the profit and loss so your Tax Accountant receives accurate information at year end. Households often have hobbies that flourish into small businesses which need their own performance reporting. We can create separate financial statements for the business and the household and teach you simple ways to keep the income and costs separate so you aren’t missing out on important tax deductions.


The future of business is paperless and accessible on demand. Complete Controller provides each of our client entities with a paperless Filing Cabinet that is arranged just like those you would find in any office accounting department. The Filing Cabinet is filled with important documents that are necessary to your accounting functions including corporate documents, insurance policies, vendor W9s, tax and audit records, payroll records, bank statements, POS reports, vendor bills, and financial reports to name a few. Most of these records are obtained by your Complete Controller team, as they service your accounting each period, and some will come directly from you or your vendors as best suits your record keeping goals. At Complete Controller, we have an internal scanning department that is available to serve any clients that wish to send their paper documents in to be scanned, recorded, and filed. Your tax and audit accountants will be thrilled by the ability to access source documents easily and all in one place on your accounting desktop. The Filing Cabinet is accessible only to your Complete Controller accounting team and any users that you have provided with access to the desktop. Should you wish to provide some user with access to your QuickBooks file, but keep them out of the sensitive information you store in the Filing Cabinet, we can provide a tiered permission access as well. It is our goal to keep your audit ready data and support records safe so you can access them securely from anywhere at anytime on-demand.
In any business environment redundancy and security are crucial. We protect your virtual accounting department with state of the art technological solutions that are built to withstand malicious acts and natural disasters.
Not only do we provide our clients with an experienced and highly trained Bookkeeper + Controller team, we also provide a full accounting department environment replete with QuickBooks and Filing Cabinet where all of the work can be performed. This hosted environment always boasts the latest version of QuickBooks, upgraded every year at no additional cost to our clients. We ensure 24/7 access through a triple gateway for maximum security and we maintain the technology so you don’t have to. Complete Controller couples the convenience of anywhere/anytime access with the latest security technology so your company stays connected and safe as it grows.
Our degreed accountants have several years of experience working under the supervision of a CPA or CFO and are extensively trained in QuickBooks software as well as Complete Controller’s processes. We do not source our accountants from outside of the US to handle your sensitive work. It is our goal to provide an experience of continuity to our clients. The onboarding phase is always handled by your Controller and then your Bookkeeper is introduced – as a team they will serve you for the life of your contract. Although team shifts within Complete Controller are rare, there are cases when a shift may be necessary or appropriate. Should you desire or otherwise experience a change in Bookkeeper or Controller, rest assured that our other Bookkeepers and Controllers follow the same protocol, provide excellent customer service, and will strive to minimize any time investment necessary by you during the shift. We want to make changes in accounting personnel much smoother than they would be if you were to replace such an important position internally. One of the greatest advantages to having an accounting team is that you will never loose everyone who knows your account and your needs.
As 21st century technology evolves clients become more comfortable with the idea of vitalizing the accounting department. They understand that this shift can make heretofore unaffordable services fit into their budget while also affording them more exposure to a variety of experience for knowledge sharing. One of the staple tools to our success as a virtual accounting services is the use of web-meetings to enhance communications with our clients, their teams, and tax accountants. Through web meeting we use screen share technology to review the books and records, make real-time adjustments and analyze differing scenarios in collaboration with others. Clients of Complete Controller can ask for any meetings to be hosted as web meetings and we take care of the facilitation. This helpful tool allows us to work with clients successfully regardless of conditions such as their office environment, location, disparate team members, etc. We always perform training via web meeting and will often record the session so our client trainees can reference it later. Web meetings are just one more way we simplify the collaboration process and make our service efficient and effective.

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