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Complete Controller Is Leading the Way in Corporate Sustainability by Maximizing Business Finance Efficiencies

Outsourced Accounting, Bookkeeping and Controller Services Are the Future of the Paperless Workplace

COSTA MESA, CA— Complete Controller, the unique Costa Mesa, California-based company, has virtually revolutionized the system of accounting, bookkeeping and controller services. With innovative concepts and state-of-the-art technology, Complete Controller provides its clients with a full range of day-to-day accounting, bookkeeping and controller services — resulting in exceptional business finance services, while at the same time dramatically reducing the mountain of paper that formerly accumulated in business offices across America.

Businesses are drowning in paper. Even with the advent of the Computer Age, the typical office worker in the United States uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year, translating to 4 million tons annually. Everyone talks about the problem of overuse of paper: Complete Controller, the forward-thinking provider of outsourced accounting, bookkeeping and controller services to small- and medium-sized businesses and individuals nationwide, is doing something about it.

Complete Controller has given new meaning to the concept of ‘sustainability.’ The company, with satellite offices in Seattle, Denver, Atlanta and Austin, utilizes cloud computing to execute its daily business practices for its clients around the country, most of whom have annual revenue ranging from $100,000 to $20 million. According to Jennifer Brazer, founder and CEO of Complete Controller, clients are ecstatic with the company’s approach to facilitating and streamlining accounting and bookkeeping services, as well as Complete Controller’s dedication to eliminating paper waste from America’s landfills.

“The accounting functions are really the last frontier in the quest for sustainability,” Ms. Brazer explains. “Many of the newer companies who work with us are paperless right from the start. These are younger people who have grown up with the concept of sustainability and putting the emphasis on online and cloud computing.” More established business owners are gradually adopting the notion that their offices do not need to have stacks of ledgers, bound volumes and thick files in order to function expeditiously. These firms are thrilled to realize that although Complete Controller relies on virtual storage, information is always available at their fingertips. Receipts, tax information, bank and reconciliation statements, accounting data and even HR reports are fully available whenever needed. In addition, all data required by the IRS at tax time is also readily on hand.

“It is important to note how valuable we are to the CPA community,” adds Ms. Brazer. “Our CPAs provide peer review and support to our controllers to ensure our books are tip top and ready for audit, tax prep, or tax strategy development. We do not compete with the CPA firms we serve. CPA firms utilize Complete Controller as their preferred bookkeeping solution (their bookkeeping department). The CPA firms we work with love that they can access their client’s books and records easily and on-demand and that they have accountants to work with if changes or additions need to be made on the books. This saves time and money and allows the CPA firm to focus on higher level services.”

Complete Controller has designed methods for quality control and oversight that ensure the books are accurate so Tax Accountants and Auditors can focus on their desired purpose rather than wading through inaccurate financial data and spending hours identifying adjustments and re-classing data. This model saves the client and the accountant time and money while providing the client with clean books throughout the year. In addition Complete Controller provides cost analysis, cash management, budgeting, process streamlining, and more – all to help clients become smarter and more in control of their accounting.

“I have had the opportunity to see Complete Controller grow into an amazing bookkeeping firm,” says Barry Walshe, Certified Public Accountant. “The problem most small businesses have is that good management accounting takes someone who knows how to keep company records for management’s needs as well as for tax records. And that means a ‘controller,’ which is often way too expensive for a small business. And this is where a firm like Complete Controller can not only save money, but also provide the type of financial records that help a small business to become a financial success.”

“We also work with many non-profit organizations, and they need to be audited in order to retain their status,” Ms. Brazer says. “We’re cognizant of this, and that is why all information regarding their finances is completely and readily accessible. There will always be people who want to have complete control; we recognize this and accommodate every client with total access to their books and records so they can decide their level of involvement and oversee our work until they are comfortable.”

Ms. Brazer emphasizes, “As more and more businesses nationwide embrace virtual accounting and bookkeeping services, paper will soon be left behind.”

Complete Controller is the market leader in outsourced accounting solutions. Their hosted virtual accounting department has everything you would find in-house: bookkeepers, software, document management, controller services, and oversight. They transcend in-house solutions by offering 24×7 secure access and eliminate the expense of overhead and management. Small to midsized businesses nationwide are using Complete Controller solutions to integrate department transparency, efficiency, duplicity, and data redundancy. Learn more by calling 866-443-8879 for a free consultation today.


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I have been with Complete Controller for three years! You guys are so awesome, my dedicated team is on top of everything. I love getting my reports and my CPA has never been happier with the numbers. I recommend Complete Controller to all my colleagues and friends. If you are ...

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I enjoyed the work and really love the environment and structure of Complete Controller.

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Kelli Blount, CPA
CompleteController provides the bookkeeping and accounting solutions your Company needs.

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Our client is extremely impressed with Complete Controller’s services!

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I’ve tried other companies, I am glad to find something that works!

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