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Data and information security is a critical human concern. Even as security tools and technology become better, most breaches typically culminate in a human failure which begins with someone clicking, making assumptions, and not following policy. Thereby, mistakes are made with significant losses. Consequently, it is evident that end-users should make the most of continuous awareness education.

Many security professionals tend to blame the users quickly and believe that the human side of security has to be ignored. Rather, they recommend businesses put their key focus on developing and maintaining the security technology that primarily provides defense against cyber attacks. However, this kind of thinking is an utterly poor process to start with. In fact, the idea that “humans are the weakest link in cyber-security” is one of the major reasons why cyber security attacks are so prevalent with exponentially increasing threats. It is not that people are less prudent in surfing the internet and using digital tools. Rather, the cyber criminals are smarter than most businesses’ security experts.

Thus, senior managers have to be more vigilant and resilient to sort out their security threats as well as find a prompt solution and timely implement that to prevent any loss of confidential data and high-value information. In 2018, the following primary sectors have exponentially turned towards the cloud, big data technology, and file-sharing services topping the list of the highest-targeted industry verticals significantly vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

  • The public sector (state infrastructure, public transportation, and governmental services)
  • Banks and financial services
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Law firms
  • Manufacturing
  • Military
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications

Enterprise security awareness training and cyber risk management programs pivot a wide range of activities needed to protect sensitive corporate data and IT infrastructure.

Providing Security Awareness Training to Help Managers Prevent Attacks

Training your company managers, particularly senior managers, accompanies unique issues and concerns. It is of paramount importance for them to leverage a general security awareness training session open for every employee. This is demonstrated by the management’s sincere commitment towards the program. However, a busy executive may find it hard to attend an hour long session. Preparing a comprehensive, to-the-point session for top managers might be the most appropriate solution, highlighting the major points. This way the managers will not only be aware of the necessity of the training program but also its impacts on the organization’s security readiness.

Always remember that a meaningful manager’s security awareness training can include the corporate policies key highlights in the cyber-security realm so that managers are always prepared to guide their principle, supervised section as required. Consequently, everyone must learn how to identify and report as well as how to respond to any meager or potential security threat in a timely manner.

A cyber security trainer should discuss certain topics that are particularly more relevant for managers to know. For instance, corporate executives usually travel and should know the significant risks involved with their mobile device use as well as digital security issues with browsing through the public internet and hot spot facilities.

Involving senior managers in security awareness training not only assists them to comprehend today’s cyber security threats, subsequent corporate concerns and become fully aware and prepared to handle them, but also ensures they actually embrace the awareness program in its entirety. Thus, their involvement in training sessions is just as advantageous as bookkeeping is for maintaining the financial records of the business.

Executives are also most often the primary target of an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) as well as spear phishing attacks. Thus, it is mandatory that they are fully aware of the tools and techniques that cyber criminals use to attract their targets and understand what they can do in order to protect themselves and their confidential corporate systems.

A meaningful discussion during a security awareness training can also include specific major cyber security incidents occurred within the company (itself as well as other corporate giants, including their competitors), estimated expenses for a  seamless recovery and the expected return on revenue from such a training session for company employees in all departments at all levels. Also, it would be necessary that, like employees, senior managers have access not just to some individual sessions but also to long group sessions (in order to exchange ideas and insights with other executives within the company) as well as online training as a refresher course anywhere and anytime for added convenience.

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