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Social media recruiting has become a trendy and effective way to recruit candidates for many types of businesses of various sizes. The social media recruiting strategy combines branding of the employer with marketing, specifically targeting recruitment. Though posting jobs on sites can increase potential candidates’ application, it is not a guarantee you will get quality candidates to interview and eventually hire. Social media has become a popular recruitment source because almost everyone is on social media and usually across multiple platforms.

Because of the popularity of social media in general, companies are tapping into social media as a source of recruitment. Putting ads in the newspaper has long since faded as a way to attract a potential high-quality employee. Here are five ways to effectively recruit quality candidates through social media. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Recruitment Marketing

When it comes to social media, effective recruitment marketing is effective because of the reach social media has. Well marketed content can reach thousands quickly and, if shared enough, can potentially reach millions. While other sources can be used for recruitment marketing, social media recruitment marketing is vital in today’s social media-heavy society. The additional advantage of social media marketing is that it opens up the possibility of millions of responses, but it expands the talent pool from local to global. This possibility leaves traditional recruitment efforts in the dust, though not counted out.

The greatest asset to recruitment marketing through social media is that much of it is entirely free. Even post boosts or ads on social media can be capped, keeping them affordable compared to a traditional advertisement.

Tailor Recruiting

Social media platforms provide many options for reaching a diverse group of people. They also offer the ability to target specific groups qualified for the job or fit into the company. While social media can widen the talent pool, it can also narrow down candidates best suited for the job and help weed out those that are not suitable. Each platform offers a different focus, therefore depending on the job and your needs, you can choose which platform to recruit and even target groups within the platform that appear to have the best candidates. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Create Content Variety

There is no limit to the content you can create in your social media recruiting efforts. You can develop written content, videos, and banner ads, to name a few options. Video content is the strongest form of media as most companies that use some video marketing tool find that their traffic increases significantly. Though the video is a strong trend, it may not be useful for everyone. You must try different content types to see what works and what doesn’t and implement the ones that perform best for you and your company. You should also try every social media platform to determine which provides the most traffic and the most qualified candidates. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Employer Brand Strength

Employer brand and reputation are the most significant attraction of potential employees to any company. Employees now can research and read reviews on any company they are contemplating working for; therefore, company branding is crucial. In the past, the company was interviewing the employee, but now, to attract the best candidates, the employer has to impress the candidate equally. If there are issues with your brand reputation, they will need to be addressed on social media platforms to ensure quality candidates won’t be taking their skills to your competitor.

Increase Reach

While companies have the reach that gets them hundreds of applicants to choose from, many companies don’t have that kind of reach. To increase your reach and have a line of candidates hoping to get an interview, you need to expand your online presence to the max. You should have business pages, ads, a website, and a brand name presence on every popular social media platform of the day. You can also increase reach by partnering with other companies or advertising campaigns.

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Undoubtedly, employees can change the fate of an entire company. They can turn a small business venture with a unique idea into a successful high-scale business. They are either the troubleshooters or the troublemakers. Top-quality employees are capable of bringing positive improvements to a business under the supervision and pro-active direction of the entrepreneur.

Due to an increased turnover percentage in recent times, recruiting and hiring top-quality employees for a new business has become challenging. Now, Human Resource departments have to work days and nights to hire competent employees to get things moving in the right direction. Bringing the right people into a new company is extremely important in today’s highly competitive business environment. As the resources are limited, companies cannot afford to spend money on retaining under-performing employees. Therefore, HR has become more conscious than ever to recruit and hire top-quality employees so that their company can achieve their strategic goals seamlessly.

There’s certainly no secret spell to recruiting and hiring quality employees. All that you can do is refine the existing recruiting and hiring strategies. Attracting a potential pool of candidates for final selections may seem hard at first. However, there are ways that you can encourage potential candidates to get connected with you for initial screenings. Since employment opportunities have significantly shrunk due to a severe wave of economic crises over the years, now you can access more suitable candidates who are ready to give your new business start-up an all new hike.

Here are four tips that can guide you in hiring top-quality employees for your new business start-up.

Develop an Accurate Job Description

Job descriptions help employees know their tasks and responsibilities on the job. It gives a clear picture of what employees need to do and their roles to get different tasks done. Therefore, as an HR manager, you are required to ensure that an effective job description for each position is drafted at the highest possible level. The job description should reflect the roles that each employee will play in the organization on a successful hire. Start-ups usually lack the skills to draft effective job descriptions. This activity can even be outsourced.

Hire the Right Person for the Job

We encourage you to develop profiles for hiring the ideal employees fit for the key positions in your business. Giving a  leadership level position to an inexperienced person is the biggest blunder you could possibly make. Before giving someone a key position, you must identify the skills and attributes of a person and make a wise judgment if you expect to achieve positive results. One thing that must always be kept in the mind is that you can never find a true match if you don’t match candidates against a specific profile.

Use Social Media and Digital Channels for Job Promotions

In order to develop a winning pool of candidates, you need to develop a marketing framework for job promotions. Social media channels, like LinkedIn, are the biggest and most effective platforms where you can find competitive employees working in key positions in different organizations. You can promote job openings for your start-up, perhaps with the specific job description and pay-scale limit, in order to entice competitive employees. Recruiting and hiring top-quality employees requires you to be competitive, capable, compatible, committed, cultured and, most importantly, flexible. If someone has all of these things, you shouldn’t miss out on hiring that person, even if you have to pay a little extra.

Screen by Phone and Select Suitable Candidates for Assessment

Initial screening is critical, especially if your business is a new start-up. This way, you get to know more about the applicants and who is best-qualified for the next phase. This will save a tremendous amount of time. Once you have screened the applicants by phone and chosen the ones qualified enough to move on, you can bring them in for a face-to-face interview. The applicants have to pass through all of the stages for a successful organic hire.

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