Medical Marijuana: How it is Accessible at a Dispensary

hands doctor with marijuana medical cannabis icon
Marijuana, also known as Cannabis, has been widely used for almost 3,000 years. It is utilized as a recreational drug because of the health benefits and mind high that one gets. However, thousands of cases have come forward in which marijuana has been found to cure seizures, cancer, diseases like depression and excessive anxiety as well as many other health ailments.

In countries like the United States of America and the Netherlands, cannabis has been legalized and recreational use is allowed in many parts of the countries. However, in most places, marijuana is restricted to medical use only and many countries and governments do not even agree on that. One of the most controversial topics is the fact that many sick people cannot access medical marijuana which is highly known for its positive health effects.

Although cannabis has now gained social acceptance around the world, there are often disputes held between governments and the public over this issue. As an affordable and easily accessible psychoactive substance with rarely any side effects, marijuana can be accessed through the processes discussed below. Gaining legalized access to the substance most often involves a medical recommendation, a dispensary, and consumption materials.

How to Access Marijuana at a Dispensary

You might be wondering what a dispensary really is. In literal terms, it a location where medical marijuana is provided to patients or consumers in a controlled, safe and legal manner. The dosage is recommended by doctors according to the consumer’s disease or consumption. Although, in some dispensaries, the use of marijuana can be recreational and users can consume their desired amount.

A doctor who recommends the use of marijuana writes a letter which explains the diagnosis of the patient and the doctor’s choice of marijuana for treatment. This letter is supposed to be carried with the patient and, according to a 2003 law in California, some states provide identification documents to patients who use medical marijuana. These ID’s can be used instead of the recommendation letters.

Dispensaries have records of all of the cannabis stored, sold, and kept for further use. Some dispensaries maintain a list of doctors that provide and allow the use of medical marijuana. Sometimes, this creates controversies as some doctors agree to this by receiving cash payments to offer recommendations of use of cannabis for any condition.

Insurance is not provided for marijuana use and it cannot be given out at local medical pharmacies. Therefore, patients often grow their own cannabis plant. However, this requires time and attention so most prefer going to a dispensary. Once the ID has been issued to the patient, they can show it at a dispensary and consume the psychoactive plant. Some dispensaries also allow the customers to become members. Following that, the patients can ingest marijuana by smoking it through a vaporizer or opting for cannabis edibles like chocolates, smoothies, butter, cakes and cookies.

Some dispensaries claim that the marijuana they have is grown by the members who are mostly all patients. Although, critics report that some dispensaries grow the cannabis illegally and, hence, open themselves up to abuse the use of cannabis for the people who do not require it. Alongside, different laws about marijuana end up creating a black market or so called “gray economy”.

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