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The Bookkeeping Service Trusted by More CPAs and Accounting Professionals

Get the access and independence you need to perform high revenue services while leaving the CAS work to us.


Our cloud based portal and professional bookkeeping and record management services provide you with on demand availability to your client’s books and records for tax prep, consultations, and audits without the management nightmares of running your own CAS department. Offer CAS ‘powered by Complete Controller.’

How Complete Controller Can Augment
Your Accounting Practice

  • icon Single Sign-On Access to Client Portfolio
  • icon Accountant Level Desktop with Short-Cuts
  • icon Standardize Document Filing & Accounting Procedure
  • icon Scalable Expert Bookkeeping Staff
  • icon Timely Reporting Every Month
With Complete Controller as your full service virtual accounting partner, you have full access to the leading virtual bookkeeping service and interchangeable, pre-qualified talent pool with an employee average of 15 years of experience that can easily scale to meet your clients changing business needs.

Our leading technology solutions and multi-industry
bookkeeping expertise have helped our clients:

  • Complete standardization of all client documents and accounting procedures

  • Consistently met client reporting deadlines the 15th of every month

  • 95 percent are tax ready by January 31st of the calendar year

  • Establish consistency in deadlines, tasks and processes

  • Full-service accrual basis accounting

  • Amortization schedules + interest expense postings

  • Intercompany transactions / reconciliations

  • Allocations on accrual accounts

  • Equity management + investor statements

  • Separate financials by department or location

  • Consolidated financials

We Take Care Of The Books So You Can Focus On Winning More Clients

Whether you are a CPA firm retiring your bookkeeping services, a tax strategist or financial manager that needs to augment your current accounting practice, or your clients simply want the best bookkeeping solution available, Complete Controller fits in exactly where you and your clients need us. We are that extra (virtual) seat at the table without the added cost or staff redundancy. Gain full access and transparency of your clients’ books from a secure, single sign-on desktop solution; standardized filing cabinet with all client files; expert level bookkeepers overseen by a single controller, and the accurate, timely records and reporting you need to satisfy client demands and help your clients make the best decisions for their businesses. We do the financial work so you can focus on running your business

We understand every business has unique needs, which is why we offer customizable service packages for small to midsize businesses and households that range from basic to deluxe services. You decide whether you want us to manage it all or just a portion. And no matter how you choose to deploy Complete Controller, you can always count on us to deliver on-time with accuracy and integrity.

Grow Your Financial Business And Leave The Bookkeeping To Us

  • Hosted QuickBooks™ & a Paperless Filing Cabinet (Not Web-Based)
  • 24/7 Secure On Demand Access to Books and Financial Records
  • Dedicated U.S. Based QuickBooks Pro Advisor™ Bookkeepers
  • Paperless Document Manager
  • Dedicated Controller to Ensure Business Accounting Best Practices
  • Timely Report Packages with Clean Books and Audit & Tax Ready Records
  • Report Reviews by Our Internal CPAs that Understand Your Business

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