Complete Controller’s hosted environment is housed within a private cloud allowing us total control over its permissions and installations. All hosted data is redundant and backed-up of-site each night to ensure swift disaster recovery. If you are interested in learning more about the technology behind our solution, you may enjoy this message from our CTO.

A VPN connection is required prior to accessing the Complete Controller hosted environment. This protection is critical to our PCI and HIPAA compliance promise and offers protection against malicious intruders. Be sure to safeguard your VON and Complete Controller desktop access credentials. No one at Complete Controller will ever ask you for your password or email your password to you. We strongly suggest you never email sensitive information.

Your client desktop is a portal to financial success. It is designed to provide you with all of the tools you need for back-office financial operations. Every client has different needs - activate and use what you need and leave the rest. You may want to visit your desktop frequently to, use the tools, peek at our work, or work alongside of us. You might never visit your desktop but just like the idea that we work in an environment of total transparency – your finances should be available and clear, especially to you!

During your onboarding phase we will assist you in migrating your bookkeeping data and existing electronic records to us. If you are using spreadsheets, non-QuickBooks software, or nothing at all, we will help you to convert to the version of QuickBooks that best suits you. If your existing financial documents are not in electronic format, we have a scanning department that can help you make that transition. We are a host and do not take ownership of your data and records – they belong to you and will be migrated back to you upon cancellation of service.

You may have a staff member or family member that needs access to your QuickBooks file but not the sensitive documentation held in your Filing Cabinet. Or perhaps you want them to have access to only specific areas of QuickBooks such as customer invoicing, but not other areas like payroll or bank balances. We can do that.

We LOVE working with CPAs, EAs, and other tax and planning professionals that can help you meet your financial goals. In fact, we provide them with access to your Complete Controller desktop so you do not have to send them a back-up, then send them tax papers, then send them more stuff – it’s all there for them to see and reference when doing what they do best. Of course, we get your permission before giving anyone access to your desktop and you can revoke access any time you like.

Many CPA firms use Complete Controller as their bookkeeping department. “Bookkeeping powered by Complete Controller”...has a nice ring to it. For CPAs that have more than one client in common with us, we provide them with a desktop of their own where they enjoy the efficiency of a single point of entry to all of their clients books and records, and a place to store working papers and prepare filings, compilations, audits, and more. Or they can use it as a way to check on us and make sure we are getting the job done – full transparency

We are an Intuit Solution Provider and reseller so we get the best possible pricing on QuickBooks products. That’s why you will want us to host your QuickBooks Online subscription or Desktop license – big savings! As long as you are our client we will be looking for ways to save you money.

QuickBooks Online, Desktop Premier, or any of the many industry versions of QuickBooks Enterprise versions are all in our wheelhouse. If you think you should be operating in a different version of QuickBooks, we can help you to decide if upgrading or downgrading is a good idea.

QuickBooks users can be added or deleted upon request. We can even limited user permissions within your QuickBooks file – see our section Client Desktop > Limited